Get Better Battery Safety with Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

The last decade’s cordless battery technology advancements have provided trade workers and DIY’ers with an unprecedented amount of power and performance that is no longer bound by a cord. But these battery advancements do carry risks during use and storage. That is where the Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet comes in. This charging cabinet provides power tool users a convenient and safe way to store their power tool batteries and chargers.

This product comes from Justrite, a division of Justrite Safety Group (JSG), which considers itself “an industry leader in the designing and manufacturing of products for the safe management of flammable liquids and hazardous materials.”

We are incredibly fortunate to have this industrial-grade Lithium-Ion battery charging safety cabinet in our workshop today to review for you. We also go over the hazards of Lithium-Ion batteries to help you use and store your power tool batteries safely.


Hazards of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Safety is paramount on any job site as well as our homes and home workshops. Yet it’s all too easy to overlook the necessary precautions when working on professional and home projects, this includes how we use and store our Lithium-Ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries are widely used in most of our devices, including: smartphones, laptops, power tools, electric vehicles, and beyond. Unfortunately, the chemistry inside Lithium-Ion batteries is not completely stable. Physical damage from impact, overheating, or even manufacturer defects can cause these batteries to become dangerous.

The main hazard is that a damaged Lithium-Ion battery can short-circuit and catch fire or even combust and cause damage to the user and their surroundings.

Lithium-Ion batteries can be severely dangerous as the batteries contain flammable materials and toxic fumes. Battery fires can also be resistant to regular fire extinguishers, and can be harder to control and extinguish. With hazards so severe, here are a few things users can do to protect themselves from the dangers of Lithium-Ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Measures

  • Have dropped or impacted batteries professionally inspected and/or serviced before reuse.
  • Stop using batteries that have become hot and wait to cool before reuse. Replace if they consistently reheat without auto shutdown.
  • Return defective batteries.
  • Store batteries in a temperature controlled area and avoid exposing batteries to extreme hot and cold temperatures.
  • Use protective gloves and equipment when using tools with Lithium-Ion batteries.
  • Invest in and make accessible fire extinguishing equipment specific to containing fires related to batteries.
  • Store in a fire-protective storage container, such as Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet.

As we mentioned, Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet is one of the best options for protecting your batteries, your property, yourself, and the people around you from Lithium-Ion battery fires and hazards.

So, let’s take a closer look at this charging cabinet’s functions and features.

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Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

  • Model Name: Justrite Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Cabinet
  • Model #: 231703
  • Model Details: 2kWh TECR, 2 Doors, Manual Close, Gray (color)
  • Dimensions:24-in H x 43-in W x18-in D
  • Features: Made of 18-guage steel with double-wall fire protection throughout. Plug in up to eight chargers with the secured 8-receptable power strip with a 2kWh TECR capacity. Cabinet includes internal heat management, monitoring, and flame-arresting baffled vents to discourage spread of fire. Overall, this cabinet has high-quality fire-containing construction, plus quality features like strong and smooth piano hinges and mounting legs for balanced storage on uneven surfaces.
  • Price: $2,950 direct from Justrite
  • Where to Buy: Justrite, ACME Tools, Interstate Products.

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Justrite Features

The Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet features can be broken down into three main categories: general/functional, safety, and security. We’ll take a closer look at each of these to help you understand how this cabinet fits and works in your space.

General & Functional Features


The benchtop Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet measures 24-in H x 43-in W x18-in D and has an 8-receptable power strip attached in the back lower cabinet, and has a 2kWh TECR maximum total WATT capacity. We were able to fit eight different batteries and chargers between the two storage shelves and had room to spare. Each shelf has a 65 lbs. weight capacity.

Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

On the outside, there is a single, 3-prong plug that will allow you to connect this cabinet to power. According to Justrite, “This product is intended to be plugged into a dedicated 120VAC/60Hz GFCI supply using a minimum 14 gauge cord.”

Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

The cabinet is designed with piano hinges which are strong to ensure proper door alignment when the cabinet is closed and batteries are charging.

Despite its size, the cabinet has a simple box design with clean edges and even a flush mount handle. It can be placed against a wall for convenient installation and usage placement.

Fire Safety Features

The Justrite Lithium-Ion charging cabinet is designed to charge your batteries and protect you and your property in the event of a battery fire by keeping the fire contained. The battery fire safety features of this cabinet are a double-wall construction made of 18-guage, fire-resistant steel. And there is a 1-1/2″ air gap between the walls.

Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

The power strip helps keep the fire and heat in the cabinet in case there is a problem with one or more batteries.

The manual-close doors feature baffled vents with a unique flame arrester pattern.

Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

Charging batteries can generate a lot of heat. The Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet includes a built-in Axial fan to regulate the internal cabinet temperature. The fan is protected by sliding doors that close and obstruct the fan opening if the internal temperature exceeds 135° Fahrenheit. On the outside of the cabinet there is a heat-reactive label that turns black if the internal temperature reaches 120° Fahrenheit or above to alert you before opening.

Additional features include: grounding attachment, leveling feet, and a three-point stainless steel bullet latching system, which ensures a secure and reliable door closure while enhancing resistance to heat and corrosion.

Security Features

The cabinet features a flush, lockable door handle.

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The Justrite Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Cabinet is available from most retailers and Justrite for $2,950. This may be a lot of money for the everyday DIY’er, but for the professional tradesman or serious prosumer this is an invaluable fire safety product that can protect you and your workers from injury and even death, and prevents the financial loss and impact of devastating fire damage to your workspace. This charging cabinet is made in the USA (with US & imported parts), and is covered by a Justrite’s Limited Warranty “against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ten years from date of purchase”.

While insurance should help with expenses in the event of a workplace fire, there is also associated profit loss from lost time and workspace due to disaster displacement. So, even though it’s not necessarily “fun” to invest in safety products, they are extremely valuable.

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TIA Final Review of Justrite Battery Charging Cabinet

I am thoroughly impressed with the Justrite Lithium-Ion Battery Charging Cabinet. This cabinet features exceptional build quality, provides robust protection against fire, and ensures that your batteries are stored and charged safely. This cabinet truly combines safety, functionality, and reliability, and we find it to be an essential addition for anyone working with lithium-ion batteries.


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