Veark Knife Review – Is this knife Top Dog?

Veark Knife Review

Before we jump into this Veark knife review, I want to give you a little background.  I am not one of those guys who is going to go into the angle of the knife, why this metal is inferior or superior to other metals on the market, etc.  That’s just not me.  I am just someone who loves knives, their craftsmanship, and looking for a reliable knife that will keep its sharpness, and last for years.  I want a durable knife that I don’t have to baby and I can sharpen quickly.

For these reasons, I have always been a fan of the fillet knife.  It’s thin, easy to sharpen, and easy to work with.  I don’t have to worry about how I treat it.  However, I have always wanted a bigger, more robust knife around the kitchen.  Over the years, I haven’t been able to find a knife that I absolutely love.  I want a simple, reliable knife that I can use.

So with all that said, let’s take a look at the Veark Knife.

Veark Knife Review Overview

Veark is a newer company to the market but don’t let that dissuade you as they have a lot going for them.

First, they make these knives in Solingen, Germany.  Solingen’s nickname is “City of Blades” since it is known for manufacturing some of the best knives, razors, scissors, and swords in the world.  So think about the knowledge that is known around town.  Also, think about all of the experiences they have had over the years.  When you have that much knowledge and experience, you can hire the best of the best.

Second, humans forge these knives.  This isn’t one long assembly line where they are trying to produce large quantities.  Each stage is performed by humans.  The forging, the shaping, the sanding, the polishing is all done by hand which means quality control is being met at each stage.

I could go on and on about why this company has the ability to make great knives and why this isn’t your average knife maker but take a look at the video below and see for yourself.

Veark Knife Review Features

Upon receiving the Veark Knife, model CK01, the knife is wrapped up in a cloth inside a box.  So right away, the presentation is an attention grabber.  I am usually not into how things are presented but for this instance, it really stood out.

While the presentation is great, once I opened up the cloth, the knife had the WOW factor.  I understand this is just a knife, but to me, it’s so much more.

A knife is one of the first tools we used as humans.  It’s one of the tools that helped us stay safe over the years and allowed us to grow into who we are today.  And a knife like this is so much more because of where it’s made and the history of the town, plus all the craftsmanship that goes into this knife.  It’s just one of the amazing cool products that get me excited to own and work with.

What drew my attention to the knife was the single piece of steel, no fancy wood handles, no gimmicky stamps, just a single piece of steel designed for cutting in the kitchen, the way a knife is supposed to be made.

The CK01 is a fully forged knife. The knife is drop forged from a single piece of steel.  Not only does that make a knife stronger with a single piece of steel, but it also makes every knife unique.  No two knives are the same, they will all have different markings on the handle, which even makes this knife that much more special.

For me, I love not having a wood handle.  I like the single piece of steel.  Sure, the single piece of steel is stronger, better, and cleaner, but the look of this knife with the single piece of steel is powerful, clean, and beautiful.

The knife is 12-3/8″ long (blade is 7.9″) and weighing in at 7 oz.  One of many notable features is the knife is made from German Steel (X50CRMoV15) and has a 58 HRC.

Veark Knife Review

As you can see above, the handle is absolutely fantastic with the pattern, again no two are alike.  Also for me, not only is the uniqueness special, but I like not having it polished, I love the dull look.  It reminds me of the old way of creating knives, its history, its craftsmanship, its beauty.

Yes, the handle looks cool, but the design is more than just for looks.  The long handle and design of the handle let the user grip the tool with a balance point in mind making cutting and using the knife easier, safer, and more efficient.  Watch the video above and see how the thumb rests on the knife with the balance point.

Veark Knife Review

I don’t know about you, but that is one fine looking piece of steel.  I said I wouldn’t talk about the angles and degrees in-depth but I do have to mention how the blade is designed.  As you can see, it has a nice curve to it, making this knife easy to rock when cutting.

Veark Knife Review

As you would expect, the knife comes to a fine point at the end, finishing the look and design of the blade.

Veark Knife Review

Looking down on the knife, you can see the handle is wide for a nice grip and then the blade tapers off towards the end.

Veark Knife Review

Not sure how to take care of the knife?  No worries, Veark included a handling guide about the knife you can keep for reference.

What would an incredible knife be without a cool accessory to go along with it?  This is the F13 Carving Fork.  The fork is 2.25mm thick and 245mm long.  The fork is laser cut from stainless steel and sandblasted for the matte finish.  Then to complete the fork, they sharpen it by hand.  Just another example of why Veark is a top pick in the knife category.


Veark Knife Review Performance

So here is the deal.  I have been using this knife to cut everything from tomatoes to ribs and everything in between.  Talk about a knife that is made for the kitchen, this is it.  I love the balance, I love that the blade keeps its sharpness and I like how easy it is to work with.

I could sit here and show you pictures of it cutting, but this is one of those tools you need to experience for yourself.  You can hear people talk all they want about this knife, but until you try it for yourself, you’re not going to fully understand its craftsmanship and performance.

In fact, even Veark is so sure of this knife, they are offering a 100 day free trial of the knife.

Veark Knife Review Final Thoughts

For me, there is a lot to love about this knife.  Yes, the performance is top-notch.  But this knife is so much more.  The knife is beautiful and it shows craftsmanship, something you rarely see in products anymore.  I love the single piece of steel and the durability factor.  This is a knife I can actually use and not have to worry about.

Over the years, I haven’t found a great knife that is reliable, well balanced, and can take a beating.  Well, that was until now.  I am a huge fan of the Veark CK01 knife and I now have two knives in my kitchen arsenal, this and my fillet.

The Veark is a must-have knife.  Not only does it scream quality and balance but it says so much more in regards to beauty, craftsmanship, and having a tool you can rely on. If you are in the kitchen and love cooking, grilling, or working with food prep, this is a must-have.

Don’t forget to check out Veark as they also offer other knives and accessories.


  1. Eric, why do you have so many reviews and Dan doesn’t? It’s like all Dan does is buy shoes, toy jeeps, and complain about everything.

    • LOL, We just split up duties to make things easier. He edits videos and other stuff. I do the website and other stuff. Just with everything involved, it makes our workload easier to manage.

    • I have never tried a Ginsu but I have had other quality knives. Not only does it hold its sharpness for a long time and the quality is awesome, but the look and feel is what I like best about it.


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