Greenworks Vacuum – Is it Really Hybrid?

Greenworks Vacuum

When it comes to Greenworks what do you think of?  For me, I think OPE, Outdoor Power Equipment.  I think of lawnmowers, blowers, trimmers, and more.  I think pressure washers and garden carts, but I don’t think of vacuums.  In fact, if you would have asked me if a vacuum was in the works for Greenworks, I would have said no.  That’s just not what I think of when I think Greenworks.  But here we are so let’s jump into the Greenworks Vacuum.

Greenworks Vacuum Information

When it comes to vacuum, my top pick is Ridgid or Dewalt.  I love the power, the reliability, and the ease of use.  So I never thought about switching to another brand.  Well, at least not until I tried the Greenworks Pro 60V Wet Dry vacuum, model 4700502.  Before I jump in and tell you why, let’s take a look at the features of this vacuum.

Greenworks Vacuum Features

The Greenworks Pro is a 9-gallon wet dry vacuum designed for power and portability.  The vacuum produces air speeds of up to 90 cfm and perfect for any job site. The vacuum weighs in at about 20 lbs.

One of the best features is that the vacuum can be powered by either two 60V batteries or you can use the 120V power cord which is 10′ long.  While the vacuum is a bare tool, you can buy 2 batteries and a dual charger separately.

As you can see by the pictures at the top, the batteries are placed on top of the vacuum so you can easily access them.

The on/off is a twist knob with the off position in the middle.  You can turn left or right to indicate if you want to use plug-in power or cordless power. If you run on batteries, you can expect around 30 minutes of run time.

The vacuum features a flexible hose that feels sturdy. The hose is 7′ long by 1-7/8″ in diameter.

The caster swivel which will allow you to move around in any direction.

On the bottom of the vacuum, there is a drain plug that you can remove to empty any liquids you sucked up.

Need accessories?  The vacuum has two extensions, a floor, and a crevice tool.  You can store them above the casters or on the back of the vacuum in the accessory holder.

On top of the vacuum, there is a handle that makes it easy to pick up and move from the bed or your truck to the ground.

All the accessories and hose has a convenient and easy to store when not in use.

Greenworks Vacuum Performance

So why do I love this vacuum.  First, the build quality is top-notch. The vacuum is built to last.  The vacuum doesn’t feel cheap and no flexible parts that will break.

Second, I like that it’s hybrid so I can plug it in and have unlimited run time.  If I want to work for 30 minutes or less, I can run it off the batteries and not have to deal with the power cord.

Third, the vacuum is powerful.  It’s not a gimmick vacuum.  This is a strong vacuum that will suck up and compete with the more expensive vacuum.  I would even argue that it can outwork them in regards to power.

So for those reasons, that is why I am a huge fan of this vacuum and why it’s my top pick.

So is there anything I would change?  Sure, two things.  First I wish the wheels were a little bigger.  While it still rolls over an extension cord and debris on the floor, I just have this thing stuck in my head that bigger wheels are better.  Will it make a difference on this vacuum, probably not since it rolls great.

Second, it would be nice if I could plug in this vacuum when not in use and it would charge the batteries.  I am sure that would make the vacuum bigger and it really isn’t practical, but a man can wish, can’t he?

Greenworks Vacuum Value

This vacuum is priced at $130 as a bare tool.  I think for the price, it’s a great deal.  If you have to buy the batteries and a charger, then you are talking about a much higher price point.  But if you are investing in the Greenworks 60V line, this is a no-brainer addition to your line of tools.  So far, all the 60V tools we have tested, have beaten our expectations and it’s a great line to invest in.

Greenworks Vacuum Final Thoughts

Bottom line, this is my favorite vacuum on the market.  I like the power, the ease of use, the quality, and the hybrid options.  This has more power than I would expect and for those looking for a great vacuum with a good price tag, this is the vacuum to own, especially if you already have Greenworks 60V batteries.


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