Milwaukee Service Light

Milwaukee Service Light

When it comes to job site lighting, Milwaukee owns the market.  They have everything from a small penlight to their famous Rocket Lights.  Today we are going to cover one of their newer lights, the Milwaukee Service Light.  So let’s jump in and take a look at this 12V light.

Milwaukee Service Light Information

Milwaukee Service Light Features

Just because this light is small, doesn’t mean it’s not powerful.  Here are some of the features of the Milwaukee 12V Service Light.

  • 700 Lumens
  • 24 hour run time on low with a 4Ah battery
  • 120° pivoting light head
  • Magnetic mounting
  • 2.1 Amp USB output
  • IP54 Rated

Milwaukee Service Light Impressions

When it comes to power tool lights, I am a huge fan of Milwaukee.  I like the variety of sizes and the price range of lights they offer – plus I like the durability of these lights.  And the 2367-20 is not an exception.  First I like the size.  The light is small and can fit in your jacket pocket or tool bag.

Second, the light is extremely bright for its size.  With 700 lumens, you can easily light up any work area.

Lastly, the light lets you set it up in all most any fashion so you can direct light where you need it most.

Milwaukee Service Light Wrap Up

Bottom line, if you need a great small light that is durable, versatile, and bright, this is a great light to own.  Even if you are not on the Milwaukee platform, this is still worth the investment into buying this and buying a battery.  While the USB charger is a nice feature, for me it’s the size and power.



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