Bosch 6 Bay Charger

Bosch 6 Bay Charger

As battery technology evolves and it allows us the freedom to move from corded to cordless power tools, that freedom can also present us with new problems.  One of these problems is having five different chargers taking up all the outlets and valuable workspace. Bosch may be a little late to the game but they finally have something that will free up clutter and free up outlets.  So let’s take a look at the Bosch 6 Bay Charger.

Bosch 6 Bay Charger Information

Bosch 6 Bay Charger Features

While it’s convenient being able to stick all the batteries on one charger, this charger has other important features.

  • Charges 6 Bosch 18V batteries in sequential order
  • 8 Amp charging current, so faster charging times
  • Will charge a Bosch battery to 80% in 32 minutes
  • 2 Cycle charging – The first cycle will charge the battery to 80%, then the second cycle will top it off to 100%.  This way you can get back to work with 80% of the battery charged.
  • Active Cooling – The charger has a fan to help dissipate heat.
  • Status indicator plus the ability to select which battery to charge first.

Bosch 6 Bay Charger Impressions

While a charger might not be that exciting on the outside, this charger has some nice features that others don’t offer.  For me, I like how the charger has a single red play button to decide which battery to charge.  When you put multiple batteries on the charger, it will charge in an order starting with the first one inserted into the charger.  However if you want a different battery charged first, you can just hit the red play button and that will be the first battery charged.

I like how it’s easy to read the charge status of each battery.  I also like how I can wrap the cord around the handle.  With other chargers, the cord just hangs which means it will always get tangled up in something.

The inside is where all the magic happens and the most important item is being able to charge a battery to 80% in 30 minutes which means less downtime.

Bosch 6 Bay Charger Information Wrap Up

Bottom line, if you are heavy into Bosch batteries, this is a simple no brainer at $99.  The ability to charge batteries quickly is a huge help on any job site.  Plus you are freeing up outlets and not having to worry about cycling batteries through the charger.  Just pop them on the charger and in no time you will have charged batteries ready for work.


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