Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Dad

Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Dad

We have already released three days of top 10 lists and are now on to the fourth day.

Today we are focusing on Christmas gifts for dad.  We put a Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts for Dad list together.   This list will focus on cool tools that we think any dad would love to open on Christmas day.  Remember there are only eleven days left until Christmas if you count today.  So let’s waste no time and jump into the top 10 list.

Every power tool manufacturers make a drill and impact.  While they all offer a compact set, I love the Bosch combo kit.  Powerful and perfect for any job.  You can pick this up on Amazon for about $150.

A cool new tool from Bosch, the Bosch Flexiclick.  This is a 5 in 1 system and a perfect gift for dad.  This tool will allow him to fix, build or replace anything around the house.  A perfect solution for the perfect dad.  Amazon is selling it for $169.

No more hanging pictures crooked.  Bosch is known for their accurate and durable lasers.  This is perfect for small or big jobs.  A self-leveling laser is a perfect gift for the guy who can’t see straight.  Check it out on Amazon for $129.

The Milwaukee storage set is a great way to get dad to stay organized in his garage.  The drawers are self-closing and plenty of room for hand tools and power tools.  You can pick this storage chest up at your Home Depot for $700.

Milwaukee invented the reciprocating saw and now they own the market with their powerful and durable line of reciprocating saws.  This 18V HackZall is the perfect gift to get dad into trouble.  Perfect for tight areas and more.  Check it out at The Home Depot for $149.

There are a lot of compressors to choose from.  The Ridgid is one of my favorites.  This is a 6-gallon compressor that features two quick couplers so dad can get his only friend left to come over and help, wait that is me who only has one friend.  The Home Depot has this on their site for $129.

Winter is here.  This is the perfect gift, an Ego cordless snow blower.  He will love it so much, he won’t be demanding you get off your tail and shovel the driveway.  Now you can sit back and play your video games in peace.  This is powerful and the runtime is great.  The Home Depot has this for $600.

Since you have the snow blower, this is perfect for the summer.  This is the mower that made me a believer in battery powered mowers.  EGO does have a self-propelled mower, but I still like this better.  Check it out at The Home Depot for $450.

Another winner from Ego.  I am usually not a fan of these multitool sets, but this one isn’t like the others.  Powerful and does both jobs equally great.  An edger and string trimmer all in one.  Check it out at The Home Depot for $399.

I own this Ryobi sander and love it.  While it does take up a little space on the bench, it’s a solid sander that doesn’t break the bank.  I love being able to quickly sand projects.  Powerful and worth every penny.  Check it out at The Home Depot for $119.


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