Top 10 Best Budget Amazon Tool Gifts for Guys – 2014


Doesn’t it suck when you get a gift and it sucks? These are some gifts that won’t break the bank and put a smile on someones face:

Tekton Mallet

TEKTON 3179 35mm Double Face Soft Mallet – $7.81 via Amazon

This mallet is just awesome.  It is great for tapping things in without doing damage.  Every guy needs one and for less than $8 it makes a great stocking stuffer.



Leatherman Multi-Tool – $30.26 via Amazon

What guy doesn’t like a Leatherman?  They are a great quality tool that guys like to carry around.  Check out the Amazon reviews, they are one the best gifts you can get for a guy.


Streamlight Microstream

Streamlight MicroStream 66318 Pocket Light – $20.23 via Amazon

Guys and Flashlights go together like Fred Flintstone and gambling.  Streamlight is a top end light manufacturer so the Microstream for around $20 is a great deal!



Pelican Light


Pelican 1920 LED Pocket Light – $24.99 via Amazon

Pelican makes some awesome cases, turns out they also make some great flashlights.  We fell in love with the quality and overall durability of the Pelican 1920.


Klein Bottle Opener


Klein Tools Bottle Opener – $7.00 via Amazon

Do I even have to explain this one? When you cross one of the best made hand tools with a bottle opener you get a bottle opener that will last forever!


Dewalt Pocket Knife

DeWALT DWHT 10272 Folding Pocket Knife – $15.17 via Amazon

Guys love anything that says DeWALT!  Apart from being yellow and black it is a pretty decent knife with a stainless steel blade and a lifetime warranty.


Franklin Sensor


Franklin Sensors 710 Prescision Stud Finder – $49.95 via Amazon

Simply the best stud finder on the market today.  Easy to use and reliable, there is a reason the unit is a best seller on Amazon.  Check out our review here.


Monteverde Pen

Monteverde Touch Screen Stylus Tool Ballpoint Pen, Yellow (MV35212) – $19.99 via Amazon

We talked about this all in one tool pen earlier this year.  It makes a great gift for the gear head in your life!


PP1 knife sharpner

Smiths Consumer Products PP1 Pocket Knife Sharpener – $9.12 via Amazon 

This product doesn’t have a catchy name, but it sharpens just about every knife you have.  Best of all it fits in your pocket.



Stanley 66-344 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver


Stanley 66-344 4-in-1 Pocket Screwdriver – $2.79 via Amazon

Great for small pocket applications like eye glasses and small electronic devices.  For all you cheep peeps, it’s under $3.


  1. All great gifts, the standouts are the Franklin Sensor (love mine over 2yrs now), Leatherman Wingman (always on sale at HD on holidays or the Sidekick for about $20) & love me some multi tools. Laters TIA

  2. The Milwaukee Knives are much better than the dewalt. The stud sensor is amazing to say the least. Any Leatherman tool is a good tool.I would’ve added more Tekton tools and kits because they are the best affordable tools and amazon has $10 off a $50 Tekton purchase right now.


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