DIABLO Carbide Tipped Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade – STAFDA 2014


Diablo blades rock!  I feel pretty confident in saying that they are the best blades on the market, at-least that I have used. Last year they introduced us to their nail embedded wood carbide blade.  This year they have also added a carbide tipped metal-cutting blade.  We got to test out some of these blades and to say they better than the competition was an understatement.  They spanked other competitors blades in the tests we ran.  Carbide is incredibly strong and keeps the teeth intact while helping reduce heat.

The blades cut through metal like nobodies business. For the tradesman this is a no brainer, one blade will most likely get you through the entire job.  Diablo has also opened up an entirely new market for this blade.  Fireman and auto salvage yards will love this blade because it cuts though automobile pillars that give even older jaws of life tools a hard time.  They don’t have to go purchase a new tool, just a blade with their existing reciprocating saw.

Gove Diablo a try and let us know what you think of their blades.  If someone asks me what the best blades are I will say Diablo, I am sold!  Check out Diablo products via Amazon.


  1. Guys we use Diablo blades on our mitre saws exclusively, because we’ve found they last the longest. We will try using for our other tools as well, like our rip saws, circular saws, & others if available. Laters TIA

  2. It’s amazing how much faster those carbide Diablo blades cut through metal than a standard recip blade. Can’t wait to try these out!

  3. Can’t wait to rack one of these up in my sawzall and go hunting. Been a Diablo fan for years so, I’m expecting nothing short of amazing.

  4. I just used a diablo carbide blade with my sawzall to cut up old copper gutter, stainless steel, and some old aluminum ladders, it cut through all of these with little effort!!!


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