Friday Night Tool Fight – Best Multi Oscillating Tool


We take a look at the 3 top brands of oscillating tools.  We tested both corded and cordless.  Our test was not scientific at all.  It also wasn’t consistent as we used different blades.  We just wanted to give our opinions of what we liked and what we didn’t.  Watch the video to see the tests.

Here are our final results:

Cordless Multi-Tool

1. DeWALT DCS355 via Amazon – The DeWALT just barely edged out the Bosch in the cordless category.  We liked the ergonomics and power.  The DeWALT along with its Porter Cable sibling have the quickest accessory changes in the industry.  However the quick change can only be used with specific types of accessories.  I personally also like the trigger control of this unit which sets it apart from the competition. Vibrations were minimal.  This is the only tool of the 3 that had an LED light.

2. Bosch MXH180 via Amazon – The Bosch was a close second to the DeWALT. Its quick change system can be used with most any accessory and the tool handles vibrations very well. The tool doesn’t lack in the power department either with its adjustable speed settings.  It handled the vibrations better than any other cordless we have tested.

3. FEIN MultiMaster AFMM14 via Amazon – While the FEIN is still a good multi tool it lacked on ergonomics and after we were using it out hands still felt numb from the vibrations.  For being a 14.4 V the tool kept up with the power of the bigger voltage tools.  Another thing I wasn’t too keen on was the accessory change system.  You have to pull a lever and remove a pin which means an extra step and a part to lose. Another downfall is the high price.

Corded Multi-Tool

1.  Bosch MX30 via Amazon – With the simple quick accessory change and almost vibration-less feel the MX30 took the lead in this category.  Power, quality and ergonomics all came into the play.  I truly feel Bosch is the way to go for a corded Multi Tool.

2. FEIN MultiMaster 250 via Amazon –  The MultiMaster would have taken top spot  this category but was held back by the pin and lever style accessory system.  As far as performance and ergonomics it was stellar, probably the best out of all 3 corded models we tested.

3. DeWALT DWE315K via Amazon – This was a tight decision and because the DeWALT came in 3rd doesn’t mean that it is not an awesome tool.  The DeWALT is feature packed but just didn’t feel as good vibration wise on the cuts compared the other 2.  As far as features it is at the top.

Bottom Line

No matter which one of these tools you choose it will be a good choice.  If you already have DeWALT or Bosch batteries you would be crazy not to go with those tools. As for the corded the choice is yours!

Check out the video to make your own decision

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  1. This was a great tool fight Dan, I am a big DeWalt fan but I think I would go for the Bosch corded and the DeWalt cordless just cause I have heavily committed to the DeWalt platform but the Bosch cordless kicks ass!

  2. Should have tested the Supercut instead of the Multimaster. Same obnoxious blade changes but it’s an absolute beast of a cutter.

  3. It will be interesting to see if other manufacturers adopt DeWalt’s quick change system as to me it is ahead of the game design wise it just needs broader support from others.

    • Same here. With these multi tools, I like to be able to turn it on and that’s that. But as others have stated, most of my battery platform is DeWalt.

  4. Harbor Freight oscillating tool I bought for $22 is still working great after 4 years and I use it often. While its nice to review the brand name tools for $200, sometimes your simply flushing money down the toilet.

  5. Thanks for the tool fight guys. That corded Bosch looks really great. I used the corded Dewalt at work and really like the quick blade changes and the trigger paddle. I feel like the trigger paddle allows me to work more carefully when making detailed cuts.

  6. Finally got a chance to watch the video. I really like the the quick change bit option, love the grip, & the variable speeds on the DeWalt. This feature is nice because I like the option to go slow, give it more power if need it on the fly without stoping & changing the speed when a different setting is needed. The downside of the DeWalt is that we are stuck with their accessories, which may not be a bad thing. They are getting better. I saw that a mod would not work to make it work with more universal accessories. If I get this one I would to try making mods.

    Now, the Bosch. Like the look & it’s more compact if I remember correctly. The big issue with me is that I don’t have the battery platform. I own a drill & that’s it for Bosch tools. This may be a good entry to getting more into this platform. I also really don’t like that there is no LED on the tool. It might not be a big deal to some, if your blind like me any other light will help. They have both at Lowes & it may come down to feel in hand for me. I expect vibration from these types of tools, so that is not a concern for me.

    Fein is not an option for me. Well, maybe the corded one, but I don’t want to hassle with cords. It comes down to avalability with this brand or any brand for that matter. If I can’t find easy access to this brand I tend not bother. I like to feel the product & not go based of videos & pictures. Speciality shops are a bit pricey in my area where I could find additional Fein tools.

    By the way, I’m speaking on the cordless tools. You may be two guys having fun with tools, but you sure give us things to think about & consider. Laters TIA

  7. I think from the safety standpoint the Dewalt is the better option. If you happen to drop the tool while using it the dewalt will shut off while the others won’t. Me personally, I like the variable speed trigger.


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