Bosch 36V Mower and String Trimmer



Bosch Cordless Mower Bo

Before you go getting all excited, this was spotted in Europe and not in the USA.  If I were to base the new mower on looks, it would be the best mower out there.  It looks more like  a low profile Formula One racing car than a walk behind lawn mower.  The 36V 6.0 Ah batteries are sealed so they are protected against dirt and water.  They also have an LCD panel giving you the status of the battery including charge state and number of cycles.  Hmm, I like the number of cycles idea, would be cool to see this on regular 18/20V tools.  The battery charges faster than it drains so with 2 batteries you have all day runtime.

For more check out this press release from Bosch



  1. If I made gas powered tools or the engines for them I would be worried. That’s just me I see within 10 years battery powered lawn equipment taking over for gas in most consumer residential situations. Unless your a landscaper or have acreage then gas will probably stick around for awhile but with more technology in the motors like fuel injection.

  2. Sweet! I have a old corded electric mower that was given to me as a trash gift lol. It works ok, no torque but it’s nice to not have to worry about gas or stale gas in the mower. When I get grass again I’m going I definelty invest in a cordless power equipment system.


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