STIHL TSA 230 36V cordless cut-off machine


The only real advantage to gasoline is runtime and power.  Thanks to lithium ion technology the gap is quickly closing.  The STIHL TSA 230 cut off machine is perfect for indoor applications for cutting anything from rebar to concrete.  The unit can attached to a water source and vacuum to reduce dust.  The days of gasoline are numbered.

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  1. I’m not sure you would get more than the cuts shown before you needed a battery change. I think battery tech has a ways to go before that saw becomes valid. There are tools like cordless grinders that cut wire and conduit and are not as bulky.

  2. i feel like in the video it looks awesome but in real life it doest even come close to gas powered cutters those big grinding discs require a lot of torque and the battery technology simply isnt there yet to beat gas


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