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We just wanted to send a quick shout out to remind you of a couple giveaways we have coming up.

  • Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway – Lots of good stuff in the bag.  Winner will be announced July 4th.  To entered to win, just connect with us such as a comment or any interaction on the Tool Forum, Facebook, YoutubeTwitter or a comment on Tools in Action
  • EGO String Trimmer – One lucky winner will receive one delivered right to their front door.  Must like us on Facebook.  Winner announced July 15th
  • Hammerhead Screwdriver (3 Lucky Winners) – Just Like us on Facebook and your entered to win.  Winner announced July 4th


You think these are awesome giveaways.  Wait to you see the next two give aways coming up soon


  1. ooh boy! lots of good stuff!
    That string Trimmer would be perfect for me.. I had been babying my old gas one along for years with tune ups and parts but it just was dead dead this year.. tossed it a month or so back actually and have yet to buy a replacement. fingers crossed!

  2. Your giveawys are always AWESOME Majes me wonder what your plans are for the next 2 giveaways.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win

  3. I think that what you guys do is great! I really like the Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway contest, thank you Dan and Eric.

  4. Your giveaways are the best! Is there any chance that you might do a milwaukee or any other tool chest combo giveaway?


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