Milwaukee 2nd Generation Impacts – First Look


If you watched our live feed from the Milwaukee event, you know we were pretty excited about the new 2nd generation of impact drivers and wrenches from Milwaukee.  They are smaller and more powerful.  If you notice on the impact driver, there is a cool new feature.  If you look at the close up picture you will see the same three speeds, but you will also notice a 4th button.  This fourth button is for self tapping screw mode.  Say you are installing metal studs and you are using self tapping screws.  Just press this button and the impact is set to do the work.  No more messing around.  The user can fully press the trigger button and the impact will dial in everything for you.  The impact will start out slow, then ramp up to set the screw.  When the screw is fully set, the impact will automatically stop.  How cool is this?

The new model numbers are

Milwaukee Impact Driver – 2753
Milwaukee Impact Wrench – 2754



  1. Interesting. The fourth button sounds like something I need to see in action. Love the tools are getting more “functional”.

  2. That’s pretty “innovative.” Milwaukee is really showing how they’re a major player in the power tool market.

  3. Too bad they dint have the sweet 3 ring led like dewalt, or the sweet quick release! The great thing about Milwaukee is there 1/4in hex impact has little to no play compared to the dewalt which wobbles but doesnt matter for what its used for.

      • I have the 886 and it has a bit of wobble, you think its worth it to return the dck296m2 kit for a bit of wobble in the impact chuck?

    • I want someone to ask one of the Milwaukee product managers why they don’t have the 3 ring led on their impact drivers, or have the led on the battery attachment like Dewalt and Ridgid does with their drills.

  4. Milwaukee has proven themselves again with these impacts, they are still multi-purposed but they are also very technique specific. loving the second gen fuel line up, wish I hadn’t just bought the first gen now.. haha

  5. Milwaukee has really impressed me with their performance! I’m so glad i found you guys on YouTube! ! Really love your videos!

  6. Hey, great…all that and a premium price for some made in china garbage. THANK YOU Milwaukee tools…..for moving your American company to china. Now my neighbor can’t pay his rent because some chinese guy has his job, and you still charge USA prices to the American sheep.


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