Win an Ego String Trimmer


Want to win a FREE Ego String Trimmer?  Yes, I know that is a dumb question because seriously, who wouldn’t want to win one?  So what is the catch and what is with all the questions?  I am not sure why I am asking so many questions, but I can tell you the catch.  In order to win all you have to do is “Like Us” on Facebook.  Great news, if you all ready like us on Facebook, then you are all ready entered to win.  If you don’t like us all ready on Facebook, here is a link to the video.  Just like us and you will be entered to win.  We will announce the winner on July 15.



  1. I have resisted facebook since its inception.. this might seriously be what pushes me over the edge to sign up!!! haha i could really use a string trimmer and have seriously been considering battery..


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