Think Your Job is Stressful?


If you’re like most of us, you probably go to work each day and get all stressed out.  You deal with traffic, angry clients, clueless co-workers and wacked out bosses who don’t know the difference between a hole in the wall and their a**.   Well now check out these guys from Local 1.  How would you like doing this job?  For them it seems like a breeze, in fact they seem at ease, even Brandon is smoking.  Part of me thinks this would be the perfect job.  Come on, how cool would that be to be on top of the world, no traffic, no phones, a beautiful view and you hang out with your buddy.  However I know myself and the first step up, would also be my last step since I would refuse to climb any higher.  You have to be a special bread to do this.





  1. Nothing worse then getting up there calling down for a tool and having new guys send up the wrong shit either. Asked for a uni-bit the other day to drill out a spot to mount antennas and got sent up a Phillips head… Lol

  2. Just the view makes me nervous as hell. So I’m good. There’s no way I could do this job sadly. I give major props to those who can though.

  3. makes me wish that the TV show called “Worlds Toughest Fixes” wasn’t cancelled. That was an awesome show. check it out if you can, it was on Netflix for a while. Not sure if it’s still there now.

  4. I’m with Michael Q, I watched 1st few mins and had to stop and have a break. I bet they go free climbing at the weekend to make themselves feel ‘alive’ !
    I sense this is the next TIA Pro video for Dan to make next, I can see him now filming with one hand and holding on with the other saying “obviously if you were to do this you would have a safety harness but at TIA we like to live dangerously. Eri…………….ic I need a new battery for the camera, get up here now!” LOL.


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