Loading a Truck on a Truck with the Professionals – Lunch Break


Anyone can claim to be a Professional.  These guys really take the cake.  I will be using them for all my big load moving needs. NOT!

These idiots should have used a winch to pull the truck up to begin with.  This video contains 12 minutes of complete idiocracy and stupidity.  I honestly cannot believe these morons have a company that transports heavy loads.  One word “Winch”. They must have got their license in Illinois back when our awesome Governor George Ryan was handing out trucker licensees to anyone who paid him off. Or maybe that was Rod Blegovich?  Who knows he is/was in jail too.  Damn its so hard to keep up with all the Illinois politicians in jail.  I need to just shut up and pay my exorbitantly high taxes so they can live their luxurious lifestyle.

http://youtu.be/N-WQT9SbntQ Watch it here



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