The DeWALT 12V MAX Glock .45 Pistol


Here in Chicago you need to be packing when you pull up to a job.  I know plenty of contractors that get their gear ripped off constantly.  With the DeWALT Glock thugs will think twice before they steal your tools.  Chances are they will blow your head off with their sub machine guns before you have a chance to draw.  Atleast you have a chance.

Actually this is a Glock that was modded to look a DeALT drill.  No clue why you would do this but they claim it works.  I have my doubts, the drill bit on the guide rail looks like it would hamper things.  This would be cool if it were an Airsoft gun.  Credit: Allen Arms Indoor Range in Greenville, South Carolina

dewalt-glock (1)



  1. Nice!! Some are very creative & are diehards to their brands. Nothing wrong with that. I’m the same way. I also want one. If I could get it in Cub colors, yes it’s sad, but I’m a diehard.


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