Klein VDV600-096 Coax Cable Cutter


Today Klein tools announced a new Coax Cable Cutter that is engineered to cut Copper-Clad Steel Cable. Klein is known in the industry as the last tool you will ever buy.  While most brands outsource to the China, Klein has made a commitment to stay in the USA.  They believe in America and the American tradesman.  Not all Klein products are made in the USA, but most hand tools are.  Check out their new manufacturing in Texas that we recently visited.  

Ask any experienced pro and see what they to say about Klein, they always have a story.

coax cable cutter Klein Cutter

The Coax Cable Cutter – CCS (Cat. No. VDV600-096) features include:

  • Specialized notched blade designed to withstand cutting steel cable including copper clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable such as RG-59, RG-6/6Q, RG-7 and RG11
  • Blade geometry ensures copper-clad steel (CCS) coaxial cable retains form when cut to facilitate easy insertion into connectors
  • Shears designed to cleanly cut and snip solid and stranded copper, aluminum, UTP/STP twisted pair wires and cables
  • Through-hardened custom US-made tool steel
  • Hot-riveted joint for durability
  • High-leverage handles for genuine one-handed operation
  • Plastic-coated for maximum comfort and grip



  1. That looks really nice I also looks like it does a nice job with twisted pair. It would be super handy to have one around. Another great tool from Klein!


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