Sun Joe Dethatcher Joe 14-Inch 11-Amp Electric Dethatcher With AirBoost Technology Model Number AJ800E


If you don’t know me personally I’m one of those guys in the neighborhood that likes to have a nice looking lawn. This year I decided I wanted to get my lawn thatched this spring. Just a quick lesson on why you dethach a lawn lawn thatch is a layer of dead grass that forms on the soil of your lawn. The reason you want to remove thatch is to promote better air and water absorption on your lawns root system. I had previously done it with an old school manual thatching rake, but my shoulder gets sore easy also I kind of wanted an easy way out. At first I looked at renting a thatcher the problem with that is the rental place wanted $50 dollars to use it which is fair, but the machine wont fit in the back of my car, so that option was out. The next option was hiring a landscaping contractor they all wanted $75 dollars to do it, and then I noticed the Sun Joe unit on the Home Depot web for 130 dollars with free shipping. I figured the unit would pay for itself after a few uses. This is how I ended up with my own electric corded lawn dethatcher.

Assembly and use of the item was very simple all you needed to do was tighten up a few knobs, bolts, and screws. The hardest part was assembling the collection bag. I did have one issue with one of the knobs not working correctly but I was able to get the dethatcher assembled anyways. The only other issue I have is a cosmetic one some of the stickers on the unit has started to peel in the shipping box. It’s only a cosmetic issue, but I have never seen stickers peel that easy and clean off equipment before. Usually it is the opposite they are next to impossible to get off. None of these issues affects the performance of the unit, and I haven’t been able to get in contact with Sun Joe to get replacements yet. It’s not a major issue in my mind.

Regarding the performance of the dethatcher it was great it bagged all of the thatch which was awesome which saved me from having to rake up afterwards. All you do to use the unit is lower the knob from travel position to the thatching position and turn the unit on and start thatching your lawn. I have a small lawn but it filled up two garbage cans of thatch in no time. I was so glad how fast everything went and my shoulder was thanking me already from not having to do things the old fashioned way. I loved everything about the unit I had seen some negative reviews, but I don’t know what they were complaining about the unit worked fine and bagged really well the only thing is you do need to empty the bag a lot it fills up quickly that’s it. I can’t think of any issues that came up about how the unit operated. It did the job well and didn’t I have any issues with the unit at all.

This item is meant for a small to medium sized lawn any lager and you might need to invest in a gasoline powered unit. I like electric power on tools like this because you don’t need the do the maintenance like you need to do on a gas powered unit. It also keeps the cost of the unit down, and electric power is perfect for tools like these that you only use once or twice a year. I wouldn’t want a corded lawnmower that’s for sure! In the end this Sun Joe dethacher worked out perfectly for me and I would recommend it to anyone

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