Task Tool 5 in 1 Caulking Tool

Task Tool Caulk Tool

When doing any project we all know the two things we always need are shims and caulk.  These two items can make even the junkiest projects look professional.  So speaking of caulk, I wanted to tell you about a cool little tool called the 5 in 1 all purpose caulking tool by Task Tools.

When I did my bathroom project a couple years back, I had a very similar tool that helped with my caulking applications.  I had a 3 in 1 tool.  All I can say if you’re not a guy who deals with caulk everyday, these tools can be life savers.  They make the job much easier and more professional looking.

While I know some might want this tool to be made of metal, I am glad it’s made out of plastic.  The reason being is you will end up dropping this in your tub, sink or other surfaces that obliviously you don’t want to scratch.  So what are the 5 tools?

One one side you have a movable finishing tip.  This tip allows the user to get 4 different finishes: 13R, 3R, 10R, and 6R.  There is also a flat surface scraper that allows you to clean up messes that are left over from the caulk.  If you fold the tool up, the tool becomes a caulk remover.  Again this is a big time saver and does a decent job.  Part of me does wish the caulk remover was metal, but again, it be easier to mess up your surface?  In the middle of the tool, there is a caulk tube cutter.  On the other side of the tool, you have a caulk remover or caulk shaver.  This is a little more delicate than the caulk remover you have when the handle is folded up.

I know there are other multi tools for caulking applications, but this was one that was introduced to us and we wanted to share with you.  Having a tool like this on hand is extremely helpful and can mean the difference between having a professional looking project or having something it looks like a 3rd grader completed.


  1. Interesting tool, if only it were available south of mooseland. All of the retailers and ordering straight from Task Tools only works if you live in the great white north.

    Any info on if it will be picked up in ‘murica?

  2. Thats pretty cool, I’ve had over the years various tools that do tasks of that but not quite all in one, recently i bought a husky tool that looks fairly similar and was about 5 bucks with metal blades and a wooden handle. #TIACREW

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