Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

Weber Spirit E-210

We haven’t had many grill reviews on Tools in Action, but we thought about it and decided, who doesn’t like grilling, so why not? My whole life I have always used a charcoal grill.  In fact 13 years ago I got a Weber grill for a wedding gift and have been using it ever since.  While I love charcoal grills, it can be a little time consuming especially when it’s 20 degrees outside and I just want to grill some burgers or hot dogs for the kids.  So I took the plunge and finally broke down and got a gas grill, the Weber Spirit E-210 gas grill.  I have a family of four, so this was a perfect size.

While I was excited to get the grill, I can’t lie, it sat in my garage for about a week because I was dreading putting it together.  I was reading reviews and one guy said it takes about 2 hours to put together and another person said the directions were awful, so there it sat.  A couple of months ago I finally got the nerve up and knew I had patience on my side, so I ended up putting it together.  First let me say, the directions are very straight forward and easy to follow.  Second, Weber does a nice job by labeling everything and even separating the nuts and bolts for each step. Lastly, it doesn’t take two hours to put together, it took about a half an hour or forty five minutes, mostly because I had a couple of beers and was taking my time.

The Weber Spirit E-210 is one of their smaller grills which is about 450 sq in.  However this is a perfect size for me since I really only cook for my family.  That’s the one good thing about pissing people off, I don’t have a lot of friends, so I don’t have to have parties and cook for people.  Don’t let the size fool you, you can still cook about 18 hamburger patties on it, well according to Weber.  I haven’t put that many patties on it, but I can easily cook 10 patties on the grill which is more than enough for our family, plus have room to throw on some dogs.  The grill has two burners with an automatic starter.  The flavor bars pretty much hide the burner, so it’s not always easy seeing if the burners started.

As you can see with the picture, it does have two side tables which also conveniently fold away during storage.  Open the inside and you have a place not only to store your propane, but it also shows you how much is left.  On the front of the grill is a temperature gauge which is very easy to read, even in bright light.

Again I have used Charcoal all my life, so I am still learning about the difference with gas, such as it’s very easy to burn food.  Controlling the temperature is easy with the two large nobs.  The one downside to this grill is the tool storage.  On each side of the table, you can hang your tools.  However if you fold the tables down, you no longer can store your tools.  It would have been nice to have a hanger under the grill by the propane tank, there seems to be plenty of room.

As with my old Weber grill, this grill seems to be high quality and a grill that will last a long time.  The whole unit is easy to clean and take care of, which is a huge plus.  I also love the fact of the folding side.  Good news about this grill, I turned my old Charcoal grill into a smoker.


  1. I have my Genesis from 2006 that get’s used a few times a week. Still going strong. I clean it up about twice a year and after I do so, you’d think it was brand new. They cook evenly, and are built strong! Welcome to the gas club!

  2. The picture looks like R2D2. Weber is a go to brand in BBQ’s this one looks like it continues that tradition. Thanks Eric.

  3. Weber makes some great grills, for a price, I would get a genesis, and at the FD we have natural gaslines for them which is great, you never have to mess with the propane tank! #TIACREW


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