Ryobi Band Saw

Ryobi Band Saw

As you know Ryobi has a ton of tools available.  Not only do they have a huge 18v platform, but they also have some other corded tools that are perfect for the home owner.  Today we are going over the Ryobi Band Saw.  If you are into woodworking and need a nice little band saw, this might just be what you are looking for.

Now before I get started talking about this saw, let me just get one thing straight.  If you are a dedicated woodworker, this isn’t the saw for you.  Even if you are getting into woodworking and think it will be more than a hobby, you might want to spend the extra money and get a more professional saw.  For the rest of us who like woodworking, but it’s not our life, this is a great table top band saw.  While this saw has a couple quirks, it’s a perfect solution to get a band saw in your shop that doesn’t break the bank, doesn’t take up a ton of room and can be moved.  So as you read this, understand this is designed for the homeowner that needs a fairly well built band saw, doesn’t want to spend a ton of money and isn’t doing a ton of woodworking with a band saw.

Ryobi built this machine with a 2.5 amp induction motor, so not a bad motor for the money.  While the latches are made of plastic, they are easy to open and give quick access to the inside wheels.  While it does have a lot of plastic, it still weighs 44 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about it moving around your bench.  As with the features, Ryobi built this with many of the same options as the more expensive models such as a rapid set blade tensioning system, a tracking system, dust port and easy access to everything.

While the table is a tad small ( 11.75″) for bigger pieces of wood or metal, the table is metal, so it’s pretty sturdy.  The table top will tilt 45°.  The Ryobi Band Saw has a 9 in. throat capacity and 3-1/2 in. cutting capacity height.  Again, not too bad for a lot of variety of cutting applications.  The saw requires a 62″ blade and it’s pretty easy to adjust and also easy to change.  You will get 3,000 rpms out of this unit.

Now that I got the stats out of the way, I just want to talk about a couple of other items.  Out of the box, it was pretty much set up.  I did have to adjust the table to make sure it was level.  This wasn’t too bad, but just something that could have been done at the factory.  The miter gauge is also a little small, but that is to be expected due to the size of the table.  I noticed my Bosch miter gauge did fit in the tracks and works in case I need something a little bigger.  For me, I like this saw.  I don’t use a band saw much, but it’s one of those tools that is nice to have around when you need it, it just makes the job that much easier.  While it does have weight to it, it’s not too bad.  I like being able to move it off my bench, since I don’t use it much.  For what I cut and how often I cut, this is a perfect saw.  I really can’t expect too much for a $130 saw.  It has a lot of options and they are all easy to use.  While there are some things I would change on the unit, it’s not enough to make me not buy the Ryobi band Saw.   I think any homeowner who wants to get into a decent band saw, for the price, it’s hard to beat.


  1. I walk past these all the time, nice small solid looking machine. Can’t speak for its performance though but its pretty cool ryboi has these tools. #tiACREW

  2. I work for home Depot, now with saying that. Ryobi, Milwaukee and some Rigid hand tools (drills, corded 18v tools) are made by TTI Group. So Ryob is getting some of the shared technology.


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