OXX CoffeeBoxx Review – The Portable Coffee Maker


You wake up, maybe take a shower and then grab a great cup of coffee and head out to the jobsite.  Then on the way to work, you drink all your coffee.  You get to the site and settle for the junk coffee that is there, well that’s if you’re lucky enough that they even have coffee.  Well good news, those days are over thanks to the OXX Coffeeboxx.  You now have a way to make a great cup of coffee on site.  Over and over again we heard about this coffee maker so we finally decide to do an OXX Coffeeboxx review and really see how this coffee maker performs.

The OXX CoffeeBoxx claims to be the toughest coffee maker around and when you pick it up for the first time, you can see why.  The unit weighs 12 lbs empty and that is primarily because it’s built to take a beating that happens on job sites.  As you can see, the whole unit is made from a tough impact resistant polymer shell with a crush proof chassis up to 1,500 lbs.  Just by that alone, I would agree is this is the toughest coffee maker around.  The whole unit is water and dust resistant.  Don’t want the coffee maker moving around?  Well they have you covered.  The Oxx is designed with 6 stainless steel tie downs.  There is a large foldable handle so you can carry it your desired location, you can fold it down, so it’s not in your way.  One of the coolest features of this coffee maker is the 3′ retractable power cord.  Just pull the cord out and plug it in.

OXX Coffeeboxx Review 06On the top of the unit is where you control everything.  The buttons are nice and spaced far enough away so even if you are using this with gloves, you won’t accidentally hit another button.  With the buttons you can power on/off the unit.  You can also decide if you want to brew coffee or hot water for your lovely cup of tea.  The next three buttons are for what size of coffee you desire.  You can either brew a 8 oz, 10 oz or 12 oz  cup of coffee/water.  Through the top of the unit is where you access the K-cup and water.  Both sides have lids that open and close easily.  On one side is where you insert your K-Cup and the other side is the water tank.  I do like that they designed this with a removable water tank.  So instead of taking the whole unit to fill it up with water, you can just remove the 85 oz. tank and fill that.  Before you brew you coffee, don’t forget to lower the removable coffee tray and place your cup under the spout.  At first I was a little disappointed it didn’t come with a coffee cup, but then I thought that most people probably would use their own favorite cup anyways. The unit comes with a 1 year warranty.

I have to say I brewed about 40 cups of coffee with this unit and absolutely love it.  The water warms up quick and does a great job.  Now the unit isn’t cheap as it runs about $199.  For those who love coffee, it’s well worth it.  Now I do have some issues with this unit.  While my unit has performed perfectly and love the taste, I have read some reviews on Amazon that haven’t been as good.  There seems to be some people complaining that the unit broke rather quickly.  Now as far as that goes, I can’t say it really concerns me for a couple of reasons.  First, people tend to leave reviews when they have a problem.  Second, I don’t know how many units they have sold compared to how many have had issues.  For all I know these are the only people who had problems out of 100K units sold.  But it is something to think about.  Here is what concerns me, the customer service reviews.  One person said he returned it using their warranty and after a month, they still haven’t received a replacement.  Another person didn’t receive a call until four days later.  Yet another person said they never got a call back from customer service.  Again, this isn’t something I had personal experience with, so I don’t know how true these stories are.  The only reason I bring it up is because I saw more than one person complain about customer service.  With a price tag of $199, I would just expect top notch customer service.  So I would suggest if you buy this unit, buy it from Amazon as they are awesome with returns.

Overall I love this coffee maker.  While some people had complaints about it, I have had great luck with mine.  The outside is tough and it makes a great cup of coffee.  As long as it lasts, I am a happy camper.  Feel free to leave a comment down below or send us an email for an update on how our machine is doing.

You can learn more, read reviews or buy one for yourself over at Amazon.


  1. That thing is awesome but not for the price tag, in the cold weather having hot cup of coffee or tea can be the difference between having a pleasant day and horrible cold day. But a 30 dollar stanley thermos can do the same thing IMO. #TIACREW

  2. I saw this on a few different YouTube channels. I ordered one a few weeks ago and got 15 percent off coupon from April Wilkersons channel. She is also doing a giveaway on one of these!! Very excited to receive mine in the mail.

  3. In this world of instant gratification, a hot cup of joe or tea or even soup! Could make your whole day. Whether on the job site or in the woods, even at the kids game, this is such a cool idea the OXX coffeeboxx. I know the cost may seam high, but you have to consider the average cost of a instant coffee machine today and the price is in line. It’s about the convenience. Thanks @toolsinaction. #tiacrew.


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