Stupid Car Tray Review

Stupid Car Tray Review

So you may be asking yourself, why am I calling it the Stupid Car Tray?  If it’s stupid, why review it?  So here is the deal.  I call it the Stupid Car Tray because that is the name the founders gave it, the Stupid Car Tray.  So how did I find this product?  Easy, I know one of the founders, Phil.  Phil is a great guy just trying to make it day to day like the rest of us.  He has been telling me about this for a while and I thought it would be something cool to put on our channel for everyone. So let’s check out the Stupid Car Tray.

Stupid Car Tray Review Overview

Yes, I know the founder but as I told him, I am going to be brutally honest about the product.  Whatever I like or don’t like, it’s fair game.

One of the reasons I gravitated towards this product is because I was working out of my truck for two years and I know what it’s like to have a seat next to you be more of a hindrance than a help.

So here is what the Stupid Car Tray is.  As you know, car seats have an incline for comfort, which is great when you’re sitting on the seat.  However, when you are not, the incline is more of a pain.  Everything falls down to the back of the seat, your cheese pizza shifts on the car ride home, you can’t have anything loose because it moves all over the place.  The Stupid Car tray takes this inline away and makes it a flat, usable space.  Simple, right?  It’s one of those inventions where you wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Stupid Car Tray Review Features

Stupid Car Tray Review

The Stupid Car tray is about 17.5″ long by 12″ wide and is made from hard plastic.  This means it will cover a large part of the car seat and will be durable for the long haul.

Stupid Car Tray Review

As you can see, one side has legs. The legs go towards the back of the seat and that is how this simple solution creates a flat surface on the seat.

Stupid Car Tray Review

The tray has a large flat surface which is about 14″ long by about 6″ so you have more than enough space if you need a flat surface for writing an estimate or something along that line.

There are three indentations that are between 3.5″ and 4″.  Good enough for keeping some organization on the go.

Stupid Car Tray Review

On the front side of the tray, there are two hooks that will allow you to use plastic bags as a garbage bag.  I need those all over my truck.  I wish I could blame my kids but I am pretty messy in the truck also.

Another cool feature is the velcro straps.  This is great for holding items to the tray such as pizza, drink carriers and more.

Stupid Car Tray Review Performance

I worked out of my truck for a couple of years and I know how hard it is to stay organized and how much that seat next to you can be a pain.  I would get food and try and balance it on the center console, things would get knocked over, files would fall on the floor, pens would disappear under the seat and more.

Stupid Car Tray Review

The Stupid Car Tray solves those problems.  The tray is solid and well built.  I like the indents into the top of the tray so staying organized is easier.  The middle tray is great if you’re charging a phone and the cord can stay down while the phone is in the indent.

Stupid Car Tray Review

The tray fits perfectly on the seat and gives it a nice flat surface for a laptop, food or whatever you need to stay stable.

Stupid Car Tray Review

The Velcro straps are great for boxes, tray holders and more.  I like how much they expand and how easy they are to use or store away underneath if you don’t need them.

Stupid Car Tray Review Future

So here is the deal.  I like this tray and how it solves an important problem.  I love the organization and turning a problem into a solution.  But as you know, we can always ask for more.  So here are my thoughts.

I would love to see this turn into a modular system.  For those who work out of their vehicle, it would be nice to have extra storage, something below, a modular system.  Maybe something that resembles the Milwaukee PACKOUT system where it locks into place.  Maybe a drawer, a file system or a way to build it around my needs.

I would also like to see foldable legs.  Sure it packs away nicely behind my seat, but if I could fold the legs and make more room, well that would be a plus for me.  Heck even adding two more adjustable legs so the kids have a tray in the back seat for longer car rides.

Now I know that all takes a bunch of money and time to create but just an idea for the future because I love what they have and how it works. So adding onto the system will only make it more useful.

Stupid Car Tray Review Value

The Stupid Car Tray is priced at $29.99.  Sure I would like it better at $19.99 but for what it does and how you can turn unused space into useable space, I am okay with the $29.99 price tag.  The plastic isn’t flimsy and the legs are solid.  So it’s not one of those cheap products that break after a drop or in a month.  They did do a good job of designing a solid tray for long term use, so the price does match the quality and convience.

Stupid Car Tray Review Final Thoughts

The bottom line, I like this invention and think it’s practical, built well and perfect for your vehicle.  While I would like to see some additions to generation 2, for what this tray claims it does, they are spot on.  I love having the things I use the most, at my fingertips and easy access.  Being able to keep my pizza flat and not moving around, well let’s just say I am sold.  I think this is a great solution for anyone looking to solve the problem of the pain in the butt slanted seat.


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