Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

Winter is here and now is the time to start thinking about a snow blower.  Or maybe you are just tired of dealing with a gas snow blower and you want to look into getting a battery-operated machine.  So if that is the case, let’s take a look at the Greenworks Pro Snow Blower.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower – Information

When I first looked into battery-powered OPE products, my first thoughts were, it is convenient but I am guessing not powerful. However, after using battery-powered OPE tools, I can’t imagine anything else.  I can’t imagine going back to gas.  Sure there are applications where you need a gas motor but the applications are getting smaller and smaller as battery technology is increasing.

A snow blower is a high demand tool so when you look for a battery-operated blower, go with a company that has a history and knowledge to make a product that works. Greenworks is one of those front runners.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower – Features

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

The 2603202 is a 22″ snowblower that is built around a brushless motor which means it’s powerful and efficient.

The snowblower has two ports for the 60v battery.  The snowblower features an auto-switch over to extend run times.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

One great feature is the dual-port battery charger.  I can’t tell you how many times we see a tool use two batteries but a charger can only handle a single battery.  Having a dual battery charger takes away so much frustration.

The 22″ wide intake uses a rubber paddle to throw snow up to 30′.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

The chute can be adjusted up and down by squeezing the handle.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

To adjust the chute left and right, the handle is located at the top of the handle. You can adjust the chute up to 180 degrees.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

When not in use, you can easily pull down on the handle locks and lower the handlebar to store under a bench.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

Starting the blower is simple.  Just push the button and pull back on the green handle.  No gas, no loud noises, no smell, and no hassle.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower

The blower has 8″ rubber tires.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower – Impressions

My first impression before using the machine was I like the quality of the machine.  The handlebar is nice and doesn’t have a lot of flex.  The push-button start doesn’t seem like a cheap button.  The chute lever is solid and not cheap.  I like that it’s a little stiff and gives nice feedback.  I also like the rubber paddles compared to plastic paddles as they are not as loud when you hit stones or smaller items.

I used the snowblower for a bunch of different events.  I was able to use it on a small snowfall of about a 1″ and then we had a 5″ snowfall with drifts of about 12″ and some good hard, heavy snow at the end of the driveway from the plows.

For the 1″ snowfall, the blower did a decent job.  Believe it or not, I feel like snow blowers have a harder time in small snow.  Sure they can spit it out far but being able to pick up a small amount and clear it off the walkways always seems like a task.  The Greenworks did a decent job.  I felt it was smooth and easy to work with.

For the larger snowfalls, the Greenworks is a beast.  No issues at throwing snow far and went through the 4″ snow without any issues.  Even the larger drifts, it worked perfectly.

At the end of the driveway, I ran it through the hard, wet snow that was in clumps.  Here is where it really impressed me.  It threw the snow without any issues.  My only complaint was I am used to a two-stage where it walks through the snow.  The single-stage snow blowers, you really have to push and pull back in order for it to hit those harder spots.  That isn’t a Greenworks problem, it’s just how single-stage throwers are designed.

Greenworks Pro Snow Blower – Wrap Up

The bottom line, the Greenworks snow blower is a great snowblower that has great run time, does an awesome job at clearing snow away and is easy to use.  Greenworks has been around, has a history and makes great products.  With a four year warranty, it’s hard to go wrong with this machine.


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