Southwire Drivers Review


Southwire released a large lineup of new tools recently, from pocket knives, which we reviewed here, to multimeters and testers. What you may have missed in the mix of launches are the new drivers. The term drivers cover several hand tools, from screwdrivers to nut drivers. One thing is for sure, this launch has something for everyone. Let’s get right into the Southwire Drivers Review and check out what these guys have to offer. 

Southwire Drivers Review Overview

Southwire Drivers Review

Southwire is known as one of the top providers of electricians tools as well as materials such as cable. One of the hallmarks of Southwire’s very core is their ability to pursue constant improvement within their target audience. Their tools and products are innovative and reliable while remaining a good value option.

Additionally, Southwire works hard to improve the community and the future of the trades. They’ve even gone as far as to create Southwire Engineering Academy. Southwire collaborates with a high school to provide training in a realistic manufacturing setting. This program promotes achievements in science, technology, math, and engineering. Developing the next generation of tradesmen and engineers is a worthwhile investment for the future and one Southwire takes pride in encouraging.  

Southwire Drivers Review Features

Southwire Drivers Review

The New line of Drivers from Southwire feature four new options in Drivers, all with improved features over their previous offerings. A 6-in1 Heavy Duty Nut Driver, Adjustable length Screwdriver, and a 6-in- 1 Screwdriver with Precision Bit, and Rotary 4- in 1 Screwdriver round out the lineup. 

Southwire Drivers Review

A few common features in all of these models start with heavy-duty construction. Southwire used heavy-duty shanks and bolsters for optimum performance. 

Southwire Drivers Review

The chrome plated finish provides optimum corrosion resistance to protect your investment. 

Southwire Drivers Review

Comfort group handles provide ideal comfort to reduce fatigue and are designed to provide maximum torque to get the most out of your tools. 

Southwire Drivers Review

Southwire’s 6 in 1 nut driver features the option to change between 6 common nut sizes, 3/16”, 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, and 9/16”. 

Southwire Drivers Review

The color-labeled drivers provide easy visibility while the nesting design allows you to keep these commonly used sizes in one convenient place. Additionally, this model features hollow shafts for screw clearance and offers 62% more torque than previous models. 

Southwire Drivers Review

The Adjustable Length Screwdriver features the ability to switch between a #2 Philips head as well as a1/4” inch slotted tip. 

Southwire Drivers Review

Southwire designed this model to be easy to adjust, with an easy to use color too can easily put to shorten the length of the screwdriver from 4 inches to 8 inches for maximum versatility. 

Southwire Drivers Review

Southwire’s 6-in1 Screwdriver with Precision Bit features a similar nesting design to the 6-in-1 Nut Driver. This model offers 5/16” and 1/4” nut drivers, as well as #1 and #0 Philips tips and 1/4” and 3/16” slotted tips. 

Southwire Drivers Review

These bits are machined for optimum fit during precise work. 

Southwire Drivers Review

Southwire’s Rotary 4-in-1 Screwdriver is set apart by design using a rotary design for increased speed during screw installation.

Southwire Drivers Review

The Magnetic bit holder provides grip to the bit during use. The included bit storage is easily removed from the end of the handle using a twist design. This model includes a #1 and #2 Philips and 3/16” and 1/4” inch slotted tips. 

Southwire Drivers Review Performance

These Southwire Drivers are nothing short of amazing. If it is one thing we do a lot of, its reviews. Screwdrivers can be a bit redundant at times because often they are all similar. These models from Southwire have small unique features that set them apart though. With multi-bits and nut drivers encased in reversible designs allow for common nuts and screws to be accesed easily. Not to mention the convenience of using one tool vs having an entire socket and multiple screwdrivers onsite. For me, bits and sockets tend to be hard to keep track of in a busy environment. With enclosed storage, it means you aren’t replacing these small parts often. 

Tool belt storage is precious space, so being able to condense several tools into one provides much needed real estate. One of the best features to me though is the comfort handles. Not only are they more comfortable to use, but they also enhance the performance of the tool. For people who use hand tools consistently, these small features make all the difference.

Southwire Drivers Review Value

As I mentioned in the Southwire Knives Review, I was impressed by the overall quality right off the bat. These drivers all feel solid and well made. These Drivers are available on Amazon currently at the below prices.  

6-in1 Heavy Duty Nut Driver $21.86

Adjustable length Screwdriver $19.78

6-in- 1 Screwdriver with Precision Bit $11.98

Rotary 4- in 1 Screwdriver $13.98

As with all hand tools, there is a bit of subjective opinion on pricing. To me, these are priced very well considering their quality. While you can find less expensive screwdrivers and nut drivers on the market, I would still opt for these any day. If you are using them daily, especially where space is at a premium in tool belts and bags, these options are incredibly useful and convenient. As well the advanced features optimize performance and protect your investment.

Southwire Drivers Review Final Thoughts

Hand Tools are likely one of the first investment you will make when you begin purchasing tools. If you are a tradesman such as an electrician, there will be certain tools you don’t want to skrimp on in terms of quality. Southwire understands the investment you make into quality hand-tools and includes a lifetime guarantee from defects. This line up of drivers from Southwire is an excellent addition to your tool-box.

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southwire-drivers-reviewSouthwire Tools hasn't earned their reputation by lacking in quality. They have focused on producing well-made tools at competitive prices which have solidified their place in most electricians toolboxes. Their new line of Drivers is no exception to the classic Southwire quality and performance. Manufactured with durable materials and well thought out features, they miss no details. One thing is for sure, Southwire will make a fan out of anyone with this lineup.



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