Southwire Backpack Review

Southwire Backpack Review

A lot of manufacturers are now offering different tool carrying options Southwire is no exception. One of the popular styles of mobile tool storage are backpacks, and it is easy to see why. Southwire’s backpack offers a well-made, durable and comfortable substitute to the bulky, heavy traditional metal or plastic toolbox. Let’s dig into the Southwire Backpack Review and see how it stands out.

Southwire Backpack Review Overview

Southwire is probably most well known for their electrical tools and components. They also make a lot of wonderful accessories. One of which is this Backpack. Constructed out of ballistic nylon with heavy duty stitching, Southwire has created a winner in durability and protection.

Southwire Backpack Review Features

Southwire Backpack Review Southwire Backpack Review

The main compartment of the backpack opens completely. This makes for not only easily accessing everything inside, but also means you will no longer be wondering where small things have run off to when they fall into the bottom of the bag.

The interior contains a plethora of pockets, pouches, and loops. They fit many different common hand tools very easily.

Southwire Backpack Review Southwire Backpack Review Southwire Backpack Review

The backpack straps themselves are very well padded. The back portion that sits against your back is also very well padded. The padding on the back is also situated in such a manner that it facilitates ventilation.

Southwire Backpack Review

There is a sturdy double handle on the top to facilitate easy carrying when not on your back.

Southwire Backpack Review Southwire Backpack Review

Large pockets with MOLLE style loops on the outside are situated on both sides.

Southwire Backpack Review Southwire Backpack Review

A large flap pocket is situated on the front of the backpack. It is the perfect size for paperwork or a clipboard. There is a smaller zipper pocket on the flat as well as more loops.

Southwire Backpack Review

Pull tabs are on both zipper pulls for the main compartment. This makes finding them and pulling them quite easy.

Southwire Backpack Review

A sturdy, hard, thick plastic makes up the bottom of the backpack. This serves multiple purposes. The rigidness allows the backpack to stand up on its own. Durability should not be a problem with this material. Although not so common, it will provide some level of water-proof protection if the backpack is set down in a shallow puddle. The straps would obviously get wet, but the contents would be safe.

Southwire Backpack Review Performance

The padded shoulder straps are extremely comfortable with heavy loads. The adjustment straps were almost too short for me. I think that a larger framed person might feel a little snug wearing this, but the vast majority will have no issues.

Southwire Backpack Review

The pockets and pouches inside are well laid out and are perfectly sized for most common hand tools and accessories.

Southwire Backpack ReviewSouthwire Backpack ReviewSouthwire Backpack Review

I have not had any issues with the zippers in the 6-months or so I used this bag. They are not YKK brand zippers and do feel as though they may not hold up to extreme use and some abuse. My biggest concern about the zippers is how they are stressed when the bag is fully open. The teeth are pulled apart. This could lead to premature failure. This may be the trade-off though for having such a handy feature as the wide opening. Being able to easily see the complete contents of the bag is very helpful. It is easy to find small pieces or parts that fall down in the bottom of the bag. Unlike most tool bags, the bottom of this Southwire Backpack is not a black hole that swallows driver bits and screws.

Southwire Backpack Review

While long enough to fit large frame folks, the waist strap is not padded at all. I found myself not needing it, so I kept it tucked away. In the event you did have to shoulder such a heavy load as to need it, I think it would be very helpful for it to be padded like the shoulder straps and the back.

Southwire Backpack Review Value

Southwire Backpack Review

Amazon and other internet outlets carry this particular backpack, prices range from $60. This price is extremely reasonable, as most similar backpacks from other manufacturers run in excess of $100.

Given the overall quality of this backpack, its price range is a very good deal.

Southwire Backpack Review Final Thoughts

I have used this Southwire Backpack for a little over 6-months every day. While Southwire caters to the Professional Electrician, this backpack could go well beyond that sector. It was used as a tool backpack, for my everyday carry items, and as a computer bag. The backpack worked well in all of these situations. It is comfortable to wear on my back as well as when carrying by the top handle.


  1. Seems to be constructed with good materials.Love all the pockets inside. Only complaint is that with tools in the pockets the back will not stand on its own, it just flops forward. This is very disappointing.


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