Diablo Saw Blades

Diablo Saw Blades

As you know the power tool world never sleeps. It seems like every day a new power tool manufacturer is releasing a new or updated tool. The tool you just bought last month is now, for some reason, outdated. While power has increased and the size of the tool has decreased, it’s a fact that a tool is only as good as the blade, bit or accessory attached to the tool. Which brings me to why were are here today, Diablo Saw Blades.

Diablo Saw Blades Overview

If you take a look around your local hardware store or visit some online retailers you will find a wide variety of saw blades in the market place. Besides finding a wide variety of brands you will also see retails prices range from $10 up to hundreds of dollars. So what is the best blade and for what cost?

Without getting into the type of saw blades, I want to cover this from a manufacturer standpoint. For me, I am a huge believer of Diablo blades. Reason being, I have had great luck with them over the years. In fact, anytime I buy a new saw, the first thing I do is get rid of the manufacturer blade and install a Diablo blade. Diablo blades always seem to stay sharper longer, which means they last longer, which means in the end, they can be priced lower than other brands.

Another huge point is when you use a sharp blade, then your power tool doesn’t work as hard, which means less heat build-up, which means a longer lasting power tool and longer run time per charge.

So, in the end, I am a fan of Diablo because the cost per cut seems to be less (in my experience), plus they are more friendly to my tools and most important, they always seem to give me a good finish cut.

Diablo Saw Blades Features

Diablo Saw Blades

Diablo manufacturers a wide range of saw blades and produces sizes from 5′ to 12″.  There are other sizes but these are what you can typically find at a store.

Diablo Saw Blades

Diablo has a couple of special features with their blades. The red color of the blades are just to support their company colors but the coating acts as a non-stick shield for the blade which reduces drag. The blades also feature “vents” which help reduce noise and vibration and helps keep the blade straight when cutting.

Diablo also uses a thin kerf which reduces material waste and provides faster and cleaner cuts. Lastly, the blades are made from a high-density titanium carbide material that not only increases cut performance but makes the blades more durable.

Diablo Saw Blades Performance

When it comes to the performance of Diablo blades, I really can’t say anything bad about them. During my house project, I bought a total of 6 blades. I bought three framing blades, one for my miter saw, table saw and circular saw. The other three blades we finish blades for the same three tools. All the blades lasted the whole project. In fact, I am still using the blades in our shop. So in regards to their lasting power, I can say they are built to last.

The first picture shows a cut through a 2×4 with a 6-1/2″ finish blade while the second cut is from a framing blade of the same size. There is definitely a difference between the two blades and it is much more noticeable on plywood and trim but with your typical lumber both look awesome. With the finish saw, we cut a lot of trim and not one time did we have to recut due to a fault of the blade chipping or not cutting right. Wish I could say the same about my measurements.

Diablo Saw Blades Value

Saw blades range in price depending on the number of teeth and size of the blade. For a 6-1/2″ framing blade, you can expect to pay about $17 at The Home Depot. While it is a little more upfront cost than economy blades, you easily save money over the life of the blade in longer life and higher quality cuts. You can check out their other blades to see different size and types too – Diablo Saw Blades.

Diablo Saw Blades Final Thoughts

Again, I am a huge fan of Diablo blades. I have always had a great experience with them.  For the quality of the blade, they are priced below what I would be willing to pay so for me it’s a win-win. I love how long they last but most important, I love the cut quality, even on a framing blade.

It’s hard for me to really separate the fluff marketing to what is different with saw blades.  I can only tell you from experience that Diablo is a brand I trust and has never let me down. Something I can’t really say that about any other saw blade brand.



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