Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review

Craftsman V20 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Listening to music is very cathartic to me, and I can only assume it is just the same for others. Following suit of others, Craftsman has developed a Cordless Bluetooth Speaker for their V20 line of tools. Bluetooth radios and speakers have become quite common in recent years. Many manufacturers have released many different iterations. Currently, Craftsman just has the one, and it works beautifully. Read on in this Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review to find out all the info.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review Overview

Jobsite radios have evolved tremendously over the last few years with the addition of more and more features. They now include Bluetooth connectivity, USB charging, and even bottle openers. Because of this, they seem to be getting more expensive, bigger, and bulkier. To appeal to those who want less show and more go, manufacturers started making Bluetooth speakers. Although not as loud, they are smaller, less expensive, and easier to transport.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review Features

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review

Controls are large, well laid out, and easy to see.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review

Sound comes from two speakers behind a sturdy grill.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review

All connections (power in, USB power out, and Aux. in) are located in the same place, protected by a rubber flap.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review

Craftsman V20 batteries (sold separately) attach securely on the rear of the speaker. The speaker does not charge the batteries when plugged into 120v AC power. There is an easy to grip handle above the battery socket.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review

Feet on the bottom of the radio are padded with a soft material that grips surfaces well.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review Performance

The performance was rather impressive. The speaker easily paired with both an Android and an iOS phone without any issues.

All of the controls on the face of the speaker worked with all of the music apps I tried on both phones.

The sound was impressively loud for the size of the speakers. Although the sound was not nearly as full as a larger speaker, this is just a Bluetooth speaker and not a full job site radio. The volume output was definitely was more than I was expecting.

Battery life is impressive as I used a 2.0 ah battery for a few hours at moderate volume while working on a couple of cars in the driveway and the battery still showed full after use.

The radio is compact, light, and easy to carry by the built-in handle. The battery fits flush in the back and does not obtrude.

Craftsman V20 Bluetooth Speaker Review

My only real gripe is the AC adapter. Having such a small cord seems like it could easily get damaged by tripping on it or accidentally pulling on it too hard. Where the cord plugs into the speaker seem like it would put extra strain on the cord and plug. I would think that just a standard 120vAC appliance cord plugging directly in the back would be better. It is worthy to note that the included AC adapter does not charge batteries, it only powers the speaker.

Having a USB charge port and an auxiliary input will be helpful for connecting many different devices.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review Value

Pricing for this unit falls right in line with the rest of the market. Lowes offers this Bluetooth Speaker for $89. Most other Bluetooth speakers are right around the $100 mark, give or take $20. The quality of sound coupled with the features of this speaker makes it a serious contender for the top of your list.

Craftsman Bluetooth Speaker Review Final Thought

I think Craftsman has come out with a real winner. Big sound without a big price. Just the right number of features to be great, but not too many to be confusing or difficult to operate. Professionals will enjoy the price point, sound and ease of use as much as your average homeowner. Without a doubt, this speaker can go from the job site to a campout without skipping a beat.


  1. This speaker has easily been one of my favorite Craftsman V20 additions since adopting the platform. Sounds great, and doesn’t really use that much battery up. So I usually park one of the small 2ah batteries I don’t use on my tools in it.


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