Milwaukee Tape Measure

Milwaukee Tape Measure

A tape measure is one of those tools that is so simple and so necessary but often overlooked as being so important. If you have been following us for a while, you know I have been working on my house and doing a large remodeling project. While there are a lot of power tools I had a new appreciation for, a tape measure was at the front. When I started the project, I ended up going through a lot of tapes until I found a couple that I liked. So with that said, let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Tape Measure.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Overview

Milwaukee has a ton of different models of tapes on the market but two of my favorite tapes are the 25′ Stud Tape and the 16′ Compact Tape. Since we have covered the compact tape in a previous article, today we are going to focus on the Stud tape.

You would think a tape measure is a tape measure. For the homeowner that may be the case, but not for a professional. A professional tradesman relies heavily on their tapes for daily use. These tapes dropped, get exposed to various chemicals and the abuse goes on.  Take a walk around any job site I am sure you will see someone with a tape that still works, but some of the measurements have worn off. So for the professional, they need a tape that will take the abuse of a job site.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Features

Milwaukee Tape Measure

The Stud tape measure is not a standard tape measure. This tape measure is a fully encased reinforced frame for durability.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

Milwaukee also added a rubber over-mold to not only help with added impact protection but also gives the user more grip.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

On the side of the tape measure, there is a removable belt clip for those would use a pouch. You can not move the clip to the opposite side of the tape.

On the bottom of the tape, it indicates the overall length of the tape which is 3-3/4″ which makes it handy when measuring from the back of the tape.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

The metal clip on the end is not only thick but also held to the tape using three rivets while most manufacturers use two rivets.

While the metal clip isn’t as wide as some of the other Milwaukee tapes, it is still easy to grab an object with the side of the clip.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

Milwaukee uses a coating to protect the blade from rip and wear damage so the blade not only lasts longer but the measurements won’t wear off quickly like most tapes.

Milwaukee Tape Measure

One cool feature is the finger stop. This allows you to hold the tape and have more control over when taking a measurement or letting the tape back into the housing.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Performance

I know there isn’t a lot to talk about when it comes to the performance of a tape measure but while using this during my house project, there were things that stood out to me.

First is the standout. Milwaukee states that this tape has a 10′ stand out. While it’s true and this does have a 10′ stand out, I did find you need very steady hands otherwise the tape bends easily at the 10′ mark. For me, this tape has an incredible stand out of 9′ without steady hands. There were plenty of times on a ladder or just trying to reach an area and I could easily get a 9′ reach with some shaking and moving around and the tape not bending.

While this tape a fatter than the compact tape, the size is still easy to work with. The tape not only fits nicely into your hand but also into your tape pouch on a belt. I have had other tapes that are bulky and it can be a pain trying to get them out of your tool pouch.

There are also plenty of tapes that are black and yellow but for some reason, I found this one easy to read in any light condition. In low light or very bright sunlight, this was easy to read with very little glare.

Most important was the toughness of this tape. While we did experience other tapes break over the project, the Stud tape held up throughout the job. The numbers stayed in tack and were easy to read and the case held up, even after a lot of drops.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Value

You can pick this tape up at the Home Depot for about $25. Sure, you can find tapes for cheaper but I think for the quality of this tape and my experience, it’s worth every penny.

I think the build quality is good. After numerous drops, the tape never broke and the numbers never wore off, which says a lot about the build quality.

Milwaukee Tape Measure Final Thoughts

I know there are a lot of tape measures on the market. While there are some great tapes out there, I have become a fan of the Milwaukee tapes for their durability and build quality.  While I am a huge fan of the Milwaukee compact tapes, I like this 25′ Stud tape. If you are looking for a quality tape that can take some abuse and is one of those tools that is priced right, I am confident you will like this also.


  1. This the same tape they announced with an 80ft something drop rating on packed dirt, then showed a video of it hitting grass instead from a much lower altitude? Lol milwaukee makes good stuff, but their marketing always puts me off. “Tough a$$ 25′ tape measure” and I’m sold lol


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