Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

Ridgid has been making pneumatic nailers for quite a few years now. Even though there is a big push now for battery operated tools, Ridgid has continued to produce and improve their pneumatic nailers. Ridgid has two different finish nailers to choose from depending on your need. The Ridgid R250SFF is a 16 gauge finish nailer and the Ridgid R250AFF is a 15 gauge angled finish nailer. Let’s check these new Nailers out in the Ridgid Finish Nailers Review.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review Overview

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

Finish nailers are used for exactly what the name implies…finish work. Finish Nailers use a slightly larger fastener than a brad nailer which makes this tool perfect for installing trim and casing work. The larger fastener head provides a better hold than smaller nails and often does not need additional glue. While you will have more touch-ups when compared to a brad nailer. Since slight touch-ups aren’t usually as critical in finish work as they are in say, furniture work the benefit is certainly there. If you are using a nailer to create furniture and are concerned with a final finished look, then you might want to consider a brad or pin nailer.

Overall, these models are very similar with some slight differences. I will go over the features on both of these nailers and point out the differences as well.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review Features

First off, the Ridgid straight finish nailer uses a 16 gauge finish nail and the angled nailer using a 15 gauge DA style (34 degree) angled nail. The 15 gauge fastener is slightly thicker than the 16 gauge fastener.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

Both of these nailers have a range of 1-1/4” to 2-1/2” nails that they can fire.

Each Ridgid finish nailer has a rear loading magazine with a by-pass pusher. This allows the operator to easily view the number of fasteners in the nailer and quickly load new fasteners.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

The biggest feature the new Ridgid nailers are promoting is their Clean Drive technology. This feature gives you a small nose contact for better visibility and drives fasteners flush even at angles. Ridgid claims they are able to drive their fasteners 17 times more accurately than its competition with this feature.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

The selectable trigger allows a user to quickly change between contact actuation and sequential firing.

Ridgid has made clearing jammed fasteners a breeze with this new unit. They have incorporated a tool-free jam clearing door on both units. Many years ago, in order to remove jammed fasteners, you would have to use an Allen wrench to gain access to the jammed nail.

The depth of drive adjustment is controlled the same way on both units. There is a dial that you turn to adjust the depth that your nailer is sinking nails. Turn it to the left to increase the depth the fastener is driven and turn it to the right to have the opposite effect.

Each nailer comes with three no-mar pads. One attaches to the workpiece contact point and the other two are stored on the nailer.

The dry-fire lockout feature is found on both units. This has become standard on all of the nailers I have seen in the last 10 years. This feature extends motor life and prevents misfires.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

The oil-free operation means you don’t need to add oil to the nailer before or during use. It also eliminates any oil from splattering on your work surface.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review

Both the straight and angled nailers have belt hooks that can be rotated. I can’t imagine me ever using the belt hooks due to the weight of the nailers though.

On the back of each unit, you can adjust the direction of the exhaust air by rotating the exhaust port.

As on most of their other tools, Ridgid has added their Hex Grip handles to these tools for added comfort and control.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review Performance

Both nailers are simple to load, unload and operate just like every other finish nailer I have used.

The selectable trigger is a nice feature that is easier to operate then ones I have seen on other finish nailers. It’s simple to operate and at a glance, quick to indicate which mode you are in.

The tool-free jam clearing door is right up there with the easiest to operate jam clearing mechanism I have seen and used. I had to use this feature a few times as I used the angled finished nailer during a project. I did not have to use this at all on the straight finish nailer, but it operates the exact same way as the angle finish nailer.

The rotating exhaust port is a nice feature. Sometimes you are in a position where the exhaust can be pointed right at your face. It’s never fun to get a blast of air in your face when your mind is focused on your task.

The Ridgid 16 gauge straight nailer operated completely error free. It drove every fastener consistently and was easy to adjust every feature on the tool. It worked exactly as it should, consistent and easy to operate.

When I started working with the Ridgid 15 gauge angled finish nailer, I was seeing quite a few jams.  This was due to an error on my part.  I was using nails I use in a Bostich nailer.  Come to find out, the Bostich nails are an “FH” style nail.  This means the string of nails is connected at a 25-degree angle,  The Ridgid unit uses “DA” style nails.  These nails are connected at a 34-degree angle.  It is critical to the performance of the nailer to match the correct type of nails with the unit you are using.  Once I realized my mistake and switched over to the proper type of nail, the unit worked flawlessly.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review Value

On The Home Depot’s website, the Ridgid R250SFF Straight Finish Nailer is listed at $167.27 and the Ridgid R250AFF Angled Finished Nailer is listed at $169.00. Each of these units come with a carrying bag and 200 2-inch fasteners.

These prices are comparable to most of the other nailers on the market and slightly less expensive than Ridgid’s previous offerings. Now, if you don’t mind dealing with an air hose, these units a considerably cheaper than the battery operated units found on the market as of this time.

With the way these units perform, the features they offer and the price they are listed at, they are a decent value for both Professionals and Homeowners.

One thing to keep in mind.  Both of these units come with the Ridgid’s Lifetime Service Agreement.  As long as you register the tool in the timeframe Ridgid requires, these units are covered for life. That is something to consider when considering value.

Ridgid Finish Nailers Review Final Thoughts

I’ve had great luck with all of my Ridgid power tools. Most of them I own are battery operated, with the rest of them being mostly pneumatic. I have always had good luck with Ridgid nailers and expect the same long term performance from these two new models. They feel extremely well built and durable. Couple that with the Ridgid Life Time Service agreement and these should provide a long life of dependable use.

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ridgid-finish-nailers-reviewRidigd has produced pneumatic tools for quite a few years. Every once in a while, a tool needs to be updated and given a facelift. Ridgid has recently done just that with their two Finish Nailers. Overall these Finish Nailers are an improvement in features are a great option for a wide range of users.


  1. My only issue with my 18 gauge battery finish nailer is that it does not work at all when the tool is cold. If the tool gets down to about 30 degrees F it doesn’t fire at all. After its warmed back up it works fine.


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