Skilsaw Table Saw Review

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

Over the years we have tested a wide variety of Table Saws.  We have tested corded table saws as well as cordless table saws.  We have tested your traditional table saws and new hybrid protecting saws.  The two table saws that come up time and time again as being our favorite table saws are the Dewalt Table Saw and the Bosch REAXX Table saw, which unfortunately they don’t make anymore.  So we need another one to add to our list of favorite table saws, which brings me to this article so let’s jump into the SkilSaw Table Saw Review.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review Overview

You may remember we reviewed the first generation table saw by Skilsaw, model SPT 70 and fell in love with it.  The saw was powerful and a perfect compact solution for the tradesman who wants performance but not with the weight or bulkiness of the traditional table saw.  So we found out the Skilsaw has a new table saw on the market which is model SPT 99.

Difference Between SPT 70 and SPT 99

Before we jump into the Skilsaw Table Saw review, I want to go over a couple differences with the older version and the new version.  Both saws are pretty much the same.  They both work the same way with the same features.  Both use the Wormdrive motor.

While both saws are pretty much the same there is a subtle difference.  The new saw SPT 99 is a little bigger and heavier which is okay because it’s designed with the stand.  The SPT 99 has 300 RPM less, coming in at 5,000 RPM which means it probably has more torque than the SPT 70.  Another difference is the table size.  The SPT 99 has a bigger table size which is better for full sheets of plywood. So it’s a little taller and wider.

Another difference is the rack and pinion fence system.  The fence is smooth and easy to line up at a precise measurement.

When it comes down to it, the SPT 99 is a beefier table saw.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review Features

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

The Skilsaw SPT 99 is designed around a 15 Amp Worm Drive motor which features more power and torque than the traditional inline table saw motors.  The saw delivers 5,000 rpm and enough torque to cut through even your hardwoods.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

The bevel angle ranges from -1° to 46°.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

  • Maximum Cut Depth at 90° – 3-1/2″
  • Maximum Cut Depth at 45° – 2-3/10″
  • Rip Capacity Right – 30-1/2 In.
  • 35″H x 29.5″W x 52.6″L

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

One big change over the SPT 70 is the addition of the rack and pinion fence system.  This type of system makes it easy to set up and perform accurate cuts.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

On the right-hand side of the saw, there is a nice big red lever to lock and unlock the fence which will allow you to move the fence left or right.

All the accessories are stored on the saw.  We found the accessories easy to store and access when needed.  Once the accessories are put back in the storage position, they will remain there even if you’re transporting the saw over rough terrain.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

On the side of the saw, there is a nice cord management system to keep the cord in place when storing or transporting.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

While I wasn’t excited about the directions for putting the stand together, I did find this to be a sturdy stand.  We love the gravity stand because it’s very easy to set up and put away.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

The large wheels make this easy to move upstairs or over objects found on the jobsite.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review

If you are on uneven surfaces, you can use the leg adjustment to level out the stand and make it sturdier.

To lower and raise the stand, there is a foot pedal to make it easy to set up the gravity stand.  The one item we did find was when you want to take down the stand, the foot pedal is a little awkward.

Part of the metal stand rests on the ground which means it can get scratched up and chipped.  Not a huge deal but something to note and think about in case there are times you might be using this on a nicer surface.  You want to note that the metal bar might scratch a surface since the paint on the metal can chip.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review Performance

Since this has a Worm Drive motor, you would expect this saw to rip through wood with ease.  Well, it won’t disappoint you as this saw is a beast.

When you run a 1×4 through the saw, it feels like you are cutting paper.  You can’t even hear the motor working.

When you run a 2×6 through the saw, it feels like you are cutting balsa wood.  Seriously this is that powerful and smooth.

So we had to take it to the max and cut a 4×6.  Again, it made the cut with ease.  This has the same feel as cutting a 2×4 with another type of saw that uses an inline motor.

All I can say is this saw rocks.  It’s powerful and will eat up anything you throw at it.

Skilsaw Table Saw Review Value

The saw runs about $550 which is in the ballpark of other table saws.  However with this saw you get a top of the line motor with a Worm Drive system.  The Worm Drive system means more power and more torque than the traditional inline motors.  You will be able to cut more wood, quick and with less hassle.

So considering it’s in line with other saws and this saw has a much better motor, I would say this is a great value for the money.  Who wouldn’t want more power?

Skilsaw Table Saw Review Final Thoughts

Overall SkilSaw did an awesome job at making a practical, useful and powerful table saw.  I am glad the table is a little bigger and the stand is a nice added addition.  The rack and pinion system rivals the Dewalt which we always tout as being one of the smoothest in the marketplace.

Anyone looking for power with portability should take a look at the SkilSaw SPT 99.  Cutting thick wood won’t slow down this machine.



  1. What’s the total size of the saw when unpacked on its wheels? Is their a notable difference in power compared to the first skilsaw worm drive tablesaw?

    • I will have to find out the total size. In regards to power, I don’t see a huge difference but I don’t have that saw anymore. My buddy got his saw stolen so i gave him the old Skilsaw. Would be nice to have them side by side.

  2. Nice review! I had read many reviews about this saw before purchasing this “beast”. While I found the directions for putting the base together falling short and illogical, after swearing a bit I finally had it put together. One advice for future buyers and the makers would be to use a simple one page drawing indicating to match A with A, B with B etc. After using my Makita jobsite saw now for 20 years, I look forward to cutting some dimensional boards. If the saw lives up to most of the reviews, this will probably be my last saw I buy!

  3. Found this among the Q&A on skills web site.
    Hello, This models folded dimensions are 34″ x 30″ x 28.5″.

    However they have three different answers for the size of the saw without the stand.
    The dimensions for the SPT99-11 table saw without the stand are roughly 29 inches (Length) x 28 inches (Width) x 17 inches (Height).

    The dimensions of the SPT99-11 Worm Drive Table Saw are 39.76 inches (Length) x 30.20 inches (Width) x 20.08 inches (Height).

    Hello, This models dimensions are 25.75 x 25.2 x 14.88 inches.
    Note the big difference in Height. Perhaps they should invest in a steel rule.


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