Milwaukee Packout Review

Milwaukee Packout Review

Everyone is looking for better ways to store, protect and transport their tools from point A to point B.  Almost all power tool manufacturers have designed and developed products to help tackle this problem.  Some companies have developed tough solutions while others have designed solutions for the organization.  But let’s face, it’s hard to find a Jobsite Storage solution that provides total protection but also offers freedom of organization set up.  Dewalt, Metabo, Makita, Festool, Ridgid, Bosch, Veto Pro Pac and others have very cool products on the market for jobsite storage.  Now you can add one more company to the mix.  Milwaukee has a very cool new storage solution called Packout, so let’s jump into the Milwaukee Packout Review.

Milwaukee Packout Review Overview

Jobsite storage is a critical part of making your life easier and allows you to be more efficient and effective.  With the perfect storage solution, you can easily transport your tools all around.  You can also make sure they are protected from the outside elements. However, the most important aspect is being able to find the right tool without having to look in 30 different places.

The Milwaukee modular boxes allow you to easily transport tools from place to place, plus the storage system not only protects your tools but allows you to become more organized.

Milwaukee Packout Review Features

One of the best features of the Milwaukee Packout system is the fact it’s modular.  Not only can you connect hard boxes to the system, but you can also connect open soft bags.

The modular system and the way they connect to each other is simple, easy and well thought out.  The top of a box has indents with slide systems.  The bottom of the boxes has a slide system that fits into the box below and locks into place.  The best part of the system is how easy it is to attach one box to another and how easy it is to get a box apart from another.

Milwaukee Packout Review

To remove a box, just pull up on the black release and slide forward.  Extremely easy to operate.

Milwaukee Packout Review

All the hard boxes have a weather seal to help protect against the outside elements and give it an IP65 Rated protection.

Milwaukee Packout Review

The latches are metal, strong and dependable.  Once you close your box, you can be assured it will stay closed even if dropped.

Milwaukee Packout Review

The three storage boxes have a metal corner for added protection.

On the large storage box with wheels, there is a metal hook in the front and back in case you have a different box or package and you want to secure it with a bungee or something else.

Milwaukee Packout Review

If you want to add a padlock to your storage boxes there is a premium metal ring that will offer a strong point for a padlock.

Milwaukee Packout Review

There is a metal rod holding the lid together with the box.

Milwaukee Packout Review Sizes

Milwaukee Packout Review

The Milwaukee Packout System consists of eight total pieces.

  • 3 Totes – Open Top
  • 2 Organizers for fasteners or other smaller items.
  • 3 Tool Storage Boxes – Small, Medium, Large

Milwaukee Packout Review

Milwaukee Offers 3 Tote bags for those who want an open top.

All three totes feature Tear-Resistant 1680D Ballistic Material and Impact Resistant Polymer Base.  One cool feature to these Tote bags is they are compatible with the Packout system and will lock into the hard cases.  Something no one else offers.

The totes also feature all metal hardware which means it’s designed to last.

Milwaukee 10″ Packout Tote

The Milwaukee 10″ Packout Tote features an over-molded handle that is flexible at the ends.  The 10″ has 28 tool pockets.

Milwaukee 15″ Packout Tote

The Milwaukee 15″ features 31 pockets along with a shoulder strap.

Milwaukee 20″ Packout Tote

The Milwaukee 20″ tote features 32 pockets and also has a shoulder strap.

Milwaukee Packout Compact Organizer

The Milwaukee Compact Packout organizer features 5 removable and mountable bins.  The lid closes to make sure nothing moves from bin to bin.  If you are using all 5 bins you have to use in the shown configuration or the lid will not close.  You can change the configuration but you just can not put a smaller one in place of the larger bin.

Milwaukee Packout Organizer

As with the compact, this organizer has removable and mountable bins.  This also features the system where items will not move from bin to bin when the lid is closed.

Milwaukee Packout Review

Milwaukee Offers 3 Tool Box Storage Options.  All three boxes are IP65 rated, have metal locking points, metal corners and are made from an impact resistant polymer.

Milwaukee Packout Toolbox

The Milwaukee Packout Toolbox features 75 lbs. weight capacity and two interior organization trays.

Milwaukee Packout Large Toolbox

The Milwaukee Packout large Toolbox features 100 lbs. weight capacity and interior organization trays.

Milwaukee Packout Rolling Toolbox

The Milwaukee Packout large Toolbox features an integrated extension handle plus large wheels to make it easier over rough terrain.  The roller has one interior tray that is removable.  Another cool feature is the integrated tie downs.  If you have something that is not compatible with the packout system, you can use a bungee to keep it attached.

Milwaukee Packout Review Performance

While we have only had these for a little bit, we have been extremely impressed with the performance of these boxes.  We are going to give them to a local contractor and will revisit them in about 6 months but we would like to report a couple of items to you so far.

First on the list is quality.  As we have already reported, these are extremely high-quality boxes.  The latches, the lids, and the boxes are all strong.  We don’t really see any weak point that we could criticize with these boxes.

Milwaukee Packout Review

Next on the list is how these connect together.  Again, there are no other boxes that connect so easily together as the Milwaukee Packout boxes.  Just put either the hard case or soft case on top and push back.  That’s it.  How easy is it to transport your tools with this system?  Best of all you’re not fighting to get these apart or attach them together.  We love this system.

Milwaukee Packout Review

The hard case offers incredible protection against the weather.  This isn’t unique as we have seen other boxes that offer lids with weather seal protection against weather elements.  We are glad Milwaukee added this feature.

Milwaukee Packout Review

With 8 different storage options, you can easily find a configuration that suits you.  The big box and medium box will easily hold a circular saw plus more.  You can really set up a configuration for all your tools.

The screw or fastener cases are great to make sure no matter what you do, the fasteners or small parts will not move into another compartment.  Sure, we wish you could move the trays around to different spots, but we are okay with the setup and having them have their own place in the box.

Milwaukee Packout Review Value

Milwaukee offers 8 different solutions to fit your needs.  Without going into each individual storage solution, I can easily say that these boxes offer a great value for the money.

Being able to protect your tools, transport easily and having a system to make you more organized is priceless.  The quality is top notch and worth every penny.

Milwaukee Packout Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee was definitely not the first to market, which is a surprise because usually they are.  However, the wait was worth it as Milwaukee has the best storage solution on the market.  The boxes are extremely tough and well built, which means they will last for years to come.  The boxes are capable of protecting your tools from outside elements such as rain, snow, and moisture.  The most important aspect is organization.  The Milwaukee Packout allows the user to set up a system based on their tool usage.

This is the first system that I have seen where the user can design a full system around their needs instead of a manufacturer saying here are a couple of items and now you have to try to figure out a configuration.

Milwaukee put a ton of thought into these boxes and it shows.


  1. I want to see these in person before buying into the system. I am currently pretty well invested in the toughsystem boxes and just can’t tell from pictures online if it really would be worthwhile to split my storage dollar, and if the Packouts offer enough advantages over what I am currently using.

    • I hear you and think a lot of people are in the same situation. It’s hard to make the change when already on a certain platform. Once they are stocked at a local store like Home Depot, I would check them out. Toughsystems are nice. I think the Milwaukee has an advantage because they offer more organization and more options when it comes to boxes.

  2. I ordered the base large tool box and regular tool box set from CPO because they showed in stock and will arrive on Oct 2nd, I received an email from them that they didn’t have supply and had no lead time on when they would ship. At the same time they are still selling them with an Oct 2nd ship date. Extremely unethical. Can’t wait to actually get mine.

  3. These look pretty cool. Thanks for article. Probably will try one of the small ones to test durability. Replacing some of my systainers…..

  4. Listen my fellow Milwaukee heads I have the system it’s the sh*t I swear quality is all there storage space is insane I love it so much I purchased another one today for some Miscellaneous straggler tools I had left in tool bags all I have to say is buy it u will love it

  5. I got mine last week, I love it! The only one I still need to get is the large tool box which is on back order. I’ve got almost everything to fit in it. Circular saw, sawzall, jigsaw, drill, hammer drill, grinder, spiral saw and impact driver. Once the large box comes I’ll be able to add belt sander and oscillating tool as well. I give it a solid 2 thumbs up!

  6. I’ve been using mine since Oct 2018. I’m not the easiest on equipment and I’m mobile all the time. This thing lives in the back of my truck and it is awesome!! I e shopped and owned other similar systems in the past and they always felt lacking sometimes significantly I. One way or another. This is like that read my mind and then expanded on everything I would have asked for. I’ve had at least 5 colleagues purchase them on the way home from a job site after working out of mine. A little pricier than others but it’s built like a tank and has shown no signs of breaking down for me. The only issue I can come up with is the extendable handle on the large box doesn’t close down flush with the top of the box. I have a bed cover and I have to tip the box on its side to store it in my truck.

  7. This system was expensive here in Australia
    But it works very well for me as building maintenance provider .
    I have them twin staked in the back of my vehicle rear facing
    I like the fact that when the toolboxes are stacked I can access the contents of each box with out dismantling the column of box’s.
    I unlock all the latches and open each box as required.
    Also by place the top few tool case back a notch in the key ways, it cantrlevers the top boxes to move the weight so opening the lower boxes is easier. I stack the box’s up to 1.5 meters. I don’t use the rolling tool box I have a fixed the packout mounting plate on a heavy-duty folding hand (sack) truck and do not need the useless wheeled tool box instead use the crates to carry power tools. I’ve tried every other system and this system will return it’s setup cost to me quickly.
    Also I dislike the soft tool boxes , to heavy , messy inside , I haven’t time to mess about digging for tools.
    Not sold on foam insert either uses up valuable space. Dividers work better and car carpet on base.
    Milwaukee packout was a good choice no regrets.
    Purchased from Sydney Tools

  8. Would just like to add a comment have had the system trolley 1 large 2 Med 1 small and part organisers I’m in electric installation and sound / video reinforcement so battery powertools the higher end of megger testers sound meters etc is what’s inside so working on a residential installation and the pool cleaner knocked the stack into the pool to say I was delighted is a understatement that there was no water inside any of the boxes and everything was perfect cant thank Milwaukee enough for there forward thinking 10 putta 10


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