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How would you like to win a 1/2″ Milwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench?  Sure who wouldn’t want to win this awesome tool?  In case you aren’t familiar with the tool check out our review of the Milwaukee High Torque Impact Wrench.

This wrench is a serious contender to any pneumatic impact wrench on the market.  This wrench is powerful and will complete all most any task you throw at it.

We are giving away 5 of these tools.

So how do you enter to win?

Entering is easy.  All you have to do is do one of the following items to be entered.  We will pick one person from each place to win.

Really all you have to do is leave a comment on one of our social channels.  We always love to hear the real experience of people who have been in the field or use the tool.  We like to see what others say so leave a comment about an experience or your feedback about a power tool.

  1. Leave a comment on any article on
  2. Leave a comment on our Instagram page.
  3. Leave a comment on our YouTube channel.
  4. Be part of our Power Tool Forum.  Someone who has less than 100 comments.  Sign up to the forum and you can win.
  5. Be a part of our Power Tool Forum.  Someone who has over 100 comments.

We will pick the winner on October 31, 2017, and announce them shortly after.

We wish everyone luck and can’t wait to read all the feedback.


  1. No room for a large air compressor in the garage and my cars are at that age where suspension work is required. Could really make use of this!

  2. I’ve worked in the automotive industry for over 20 years and have always used Dewalt cordless tools. I would love to try Milwaukee for once, I’ve heard great things lately about them. Who knows, maybe I’ll trade all my yellow in for red.

  3. Are Canadians eligible or Canadians with an American PO box? I’d love to win one! With the exchange rate those are roughly 1 million Canadian loonies…. I kid I kid!

  4. I could have used that when I got a flat fourth of July weekend!! Not only did it start to rain but I was standing in an ant pile and it was so freaking hot!! Oh on a country road with just me and the tumble weeds!! It would be great to have that for next time and also to help out others in distress. I’m all about helping anybody out in need…

  5. This would be truly amazing! Tech next to me let me try his and I love it! Have yet to find a bolt it won’t remove! I heat Milwaukee coming with an updated version. #TOOLSINACTION

  6. This would be sweet to have! From taking off lots of stubborn lug nuts to steering and suspension leaf springs you name it this thing rarely has an issue with anything tech next to me has one of these awesome.

  7. A product like this will increase the shop productivity as tech won’t be dragging, connecting and disconnecting air hoses on a regular basis. This also allows for servicing in more remote areas.

  8. I would really like to have one of Milwaukee’s cordless impact wrenches. It’s getting pretty old firing up my compressor if all I’m going to do is rotate the tires one of our vehicles. It would make the job go a lot quicker and considerably less quiet.

  9. im an electician so i have impact drivers but no wrenches. no lace for large compressor so could use one of these when working on my personal vehicle’s. hope i win

  10. Hi guys great giveaway I could really use one of these I’m a new technician on a budget I’ll keep my fingers crossed keep up the good work I love the reviews and videos from you guys

  11. Bmw mechanic over here just trying to cut the cord. Got the ratchets but now the fuel ones are calling my name. But need the high torque impact in my life

  12. I have it’s baby brother in the half inch It’s a 2015 model and it’s done some work and the 3/8 I have in the m12 is just as great and now with the in car charger you can charge the battery while you drive which I love espacially while we a tripping around Australia with camper they both come in so handy and now with this one with what’s called nut breaker setting will make life so easy I played with 1 at Milwaukee show I was in love with it and all the new tools they have coming ..i don’t know if i can enter being in Australia but ha why not u never know.

  13. Hope I won one of these bad boys, sure as hell would beat taking a compressor, hose, and impact. When will you guys release the winners?


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