Skil 40V Hedger

Skil 40V Hedger

Hopefully, you have been following us and by now you know about the Skil OPE and why we are a fan of the line.  If you haven’t been following us and just landed on this page, I would suggest reading the Skil Outdoor Power Equipment so you can better understand the line and the company behind Skil.  Well, you are here for the Skil hedger so let’s jump into the Skil 40V Hedger and see if this is another good addition to the line.

Skil 40V Hedger Overview

So here is the deal.  Having a great lawnmower and string trimmer can make your yard look great.  But if you want to take it up a notch and make it look professional, you have to do the fine details like edging and hedging.  So if you are going to invest in a line of OPE tools, a quality and easy to use hedger is a must.  So today, we are going to see if this hedger is good quality and easy to use for the homeowner.

Skil 40V Hedger Features

The Skil hedge trimmer is built around a brushless motor which means more efficiency and longer life.  The motor powers the tool to 3,000 SPM and only weighs 6 pounds which is extremely lightweight.

The hedger is powered by a Skil 40V battery with Auto PWRJump which charges the battery from 05-30% in 15 minutes.  So even if you are at the end of the job and run out of juice, you can get the job done without waiting an hour for a charge.

Skil 40V Hedger

The handle features a rubber over-mold for comfort.

Skil 40V Hedger

There is a single trigger to start and stop the blades, plus a safety switch.

Skil 40V Hedger

The front has a bar for two-handed operation plus there is a guard to protect the user from the blade and from branches hitting their hand.

Skil 40V Hedger

The tool features a 24″ cutting length.  The blades are dual-action hardened steel to keep the sharpness longer and it’s more durable.

Skil 40V Hedger

There is a notch on the bottom of the tool so you can hang it up with a single screw or nail.

Skil 40V Hedger Performance

I have to admit when I first picked it up, I thought it would be heavier.  To my surprise, it wasn’t heavy at all.  At first, I was taken back as I wanted a heavy tool, I guess sometimes I equate heavy with quality and that is not always the case.

Then I thought about it and wondered why I would want a heavy Hedger since I will be using it above my head and also extending my arms, which would get tired.

After using it on my bushes, I have to admit, that I was impressed.  I love how easily it cut through the bushes and shrubs.  I love how light it was because my arms were not getting tired.

All in all, this is a great homeowner Hedger.  The Hedger is lightweight and powerful.  So for performance, yes, this performed like a champ.

Skil 40V Hedger Wrap Up

The bottom line, I like this hedger.  It’s powerful, lightweight and easy to work with.  I know the company behind the tool, so it’s a company and tool I trust.  I am a fan of the chainsaw and blower so for me, this is a line I would recommend buying into for the homeowner looking for a great value, with tools that perform.


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