Skil 40V Blower

Skil 40V Blower

As battery technology has grown and becomes more advanced, so has the number of manufacturers who have released Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE).  We now have a newcomer to the category, Skil.  However, the story of this brand is different and unique.  So let’s take a look at the Skil 40V Blower to see what’s unique about this newcomer and if the blower is worth buying.

Skil 40V Blower Overview

You probably know the name Skil but you might think of the power tool side and not the OPE side.  So what business does Skil have being in the OPE world?  The number one reason is the company behind Skil, Chervon.  If you haven’t read or learned about SKIL and Chervon, I would take a minute and read the Skil Outdoor Power Equipment to get familiar with both companies.

In case you want a quick overview, here we go. Chervon is the creator of Ego which is the brand that changed OPE. Before EGO, OPE was a cool idea but nothing out there competed with gas.  Cordless OPE was more of a joke.  Then came Ego which created high-quality OPE products that performed like gas.  The battery was top notch, the products were top notch and they work great.  Today Ego is still the leader.  So with that said, Chervon owns SKIL so yes, they have experience and the know-how for the OPE field and technically it’s not a newcomer. So let’s take a look at the SKIL 40V Blower.

Skil 40V Blower Features

The blower is built around a digital brushless motor which provides better performance and run time because it’s more efficient. The blower has 500 CFM which is powerful for a smaller handheld blower.

The blower is powered by a 40V Skil battery that offers a 4 light fuel level to check the status of the battery level. The kit comes with a 2.5Ah battery which is lighter and slimmer than some of the larger batteries on the market, which makes it easier to handle.

The cells are wrapped with a cooling material to help protect the cells from overheating and allows the blower to run longer.

One cool feature is charging.  The system has a 15 minute charge which is called their auto PWRJump.  So the charger will charge the battery from 0% to 30% in 15 minutes in case you need that little extra run time to finish the job.

Skil 40V Blower

The handle features a rubber over-mold for comfort.

Skil 40V Blower

Another cool feature is the intake fan.  The intake is located in the center of the blower so it’s not trying to suck in your shorts and sticking to your side.

Skil 40V Blower

On top of the blower there is a variable speed lever that also controls the boost and cruise control.

Skil 40V Blower

The trigger is nice and large for easy use.

If you have limited space, there is a push button to take the nozzle off for easy storage.

Skil 40V Blower Performance

Blowers can be used for cleaning your driveway and walks after you mow, blow leaves into a pile in fall, clean out your garage and more.  The one thing I like about this blower is the ease of use if I need it for full power to blow wet leaves in a pile or clean off my driveway.  However, it’s also very easy to keep the blower on low with the cruise control and clean out my garage floor without pushing dirt under my bench or just throwing it in the air.

As you can see, no issues with dry leave.  I know that is not saying much but considering a majority of the blower use is doing this type of work, it’s great to know it does the job with ease.

Here are a couple of areas where my lazy butt didn’t clean up the yard before winter so they sat there all winter long and became compacted from the snow.  The leaves were also wet and heavy so I thought it would be a good test to show that even for this heavier task, it can easily clean and throw the leaves around.

Skil 40V Blower Wrap Up

Bottom line, SKIL may be new to OPE but the company behind the name has experience.  The SKIL blower is powerful, lightweight and has decent run time for a 2.5Ah battery.  I like the cruise control and how easy it is to take the nozzle off for storage.  For me, SKIL did a great job with this blower and I really don’t have any complaints.



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