Simpson Dial-N-Wash


So what is a Dial-N-Wash?  Actually it is a very cool product by Simpson pressure washer.  With this small little gadget, you can turn any ordinary pressure washer into a variable pressure washer.  All you have to do is simply screw this onto the wand and now you’re set.  You can adjust the pressure of your pressure washer right from the wand.  Why is this so cool?  Well now you can do your patio with a low pressure and your driveway with a high power setting.  I have a Ryobi pressure washer which has been great to me.  One thing I can’t stand is the higher pressure when I am trying to clean the pavers on my patio.  I end up spraying out the sand and doing more harm than good.  With this little gadget, I can dial down the pressure and go to town.

A user can adjust the pressure from 1000 psi to a max of 4500 psi, if your pressure washer goes that high.  To use the Dial-N-Wash just turn the plastic ring either direction to get your correct setting, it is that easy.  If you want to be able to adjust the pressure of your unit, this is a great investment.


What We Like

  • Works with almost any pressure washer
  • Easy to put on

What We Don’t Like

  •  The unit is wider than the wand, so hopefully when it gets dropped it will hold up.


  • Adjust pressure from 1000 PSI to Max PSI with a simple twist
  • Universal to fit most gas pressure washers up to 4500 PSI



  1. I really don’t like this idea. When you adjust the pressure, you are restricting the pump, and probably decreasing it’s life.

  2. thinking works like a air regulator .where have full pressure behind the device..restriction is
    at the wand where device to adjust is pump regulates full pressure.adjust the device.
    restriction would be at the device not the pump.maybe Dan or Eric shed more info on this.
    yes those gas power washer pumps are expensive repair.understand Ben concerns.cheers.


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