Husqvarna R 220T Articulated Rider – Cut Report

Swedish rider

I cannot believe the grass actually started to grow here in Chicago.  My neighbors love me because in the spring I mow their lawns to test mowers.  This gives me roughly 4 acres per mow.  That is a pretty good time to become accustomed with the traits of the machine.  The R 220T is a very comfortable mower to operate.  Some claim it to be quieter than a traditional mower because of the engine behind you.  To me it is about as loud as the average mower.  I didn’t notice any difference between the engine and deck.

cut quality
mower cut quality

The steering is bit stiffer than traditional riders.  A lot of tight turns on a long mow could get tiring, especially when parallel mowing.  On rough terrain the steering wheel tends to follow the terrain and slightly moves, something to note but not an issue.  Power was plenty even through deep grass. The side discharge spread out the clippings without leaving lines.

As you can see in the pictures the Husqvarna R 220T cuts like a champ.  I like the deck being out front more and more.  Whenever I get on a traditional rider now it just seems odd to be sitting on the deck.  The visibility out in front helps with more accurate cuts, especially close to obstacles.   Best of all the R 220T does not tear up your lawn like a conventional Zero Turn.  If you demand the perfect cut then check out the R 220T from Husqvarna.



  1. You mention that the steering is a bit harder than a typical mower. I was wondering how the steering behaves when pulling an implement behind the mower. It seems like tongue weight would make it harder to steer. I was also thinking that the force of the implement pulling on the hitch might affect the steering.

    • Ross, One very unique feature is the cart or whatever you are pulling stays directly behind you! You can pull it around a corner and never worry about your cart hitting the fence or wall or gate. I have an older Rider 970 ( same mower with a different deck and engine) and I have pulled many loads of dirt over 500 lbs with it and tongue weight does not affect the steering. But heavy loads make it want to stay straight and it takes a little more effort to turn.

      Tom, The rider itself is about as long as a yard tractor. The deck makes it about 18 inches longer but with the way it turns you never notice the extra length.

      Dan, I agree with you. If Husqvarna would put a steering wheel on it that was 2 inches bigger……I guess the Swedes are just stronger than we are.

      I think the R220T and the R322T are the best homeowner zero-turns on the market. I can’t wait for the all-electric version.

  2. Liking it more and more, although looking at those photo’s it looks kinda l-o-n-g what with the cutting deck out front and the engine out back, how long is it ?
    Couple of mowers ago you had the BMW, is this the Cadillac El Dorado ?

  3. Dan:
    I completely agree with you. The steering gives your arms a workout while cutting the grass–twofold benefit: workout while sitting on your rear!
    From afar it is very slick looking– not bulky like the typical riding mower!


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