Husqvarna R 220T Articulated Riding Lawn Mower

r 220T

Also known as the Swedish rider, the Husqvarna R 220T is like nothing you have seen before. The steering wheel is connected to cables that allow to rear wheels to swing out and cause the unit to articulate. There are some major advantages to this setup. The rider turns tight around obstacles and has almost zero turn like capabilities without the risk of turf damage. Another bonus is the mowing decks is out front. Yes see everything you are cutting.

A 20hp Briggs and Stratton motor powers the R 220T. Unlatch the rear cover and you have complete access to the engine compartment. I have heard having the engine behind you makes it quieter for the operator, but didn’t notice that much difference. 20 hp seemed to be the perfect match of power for the 3 blade 48″ deck. Engine controls are simple, you have a key start, throttle and choke lever. The engine was very smooth and propelled the rider along at a good pace. It has a pedal control hydrostatic transmission which make for accurate control. A nice big clear gas tank gives you instant fuel status with a big easy to grip fuel cap. The seat is adjustable and overall comfort was great.  This mower really rides nice and feels solid.

The R 220T is more than just a riding lawn mower. The deck rides on an attachment rail that allows you to add a plow, snow blower or even powered sweeper. This also allows you to tilt the deck up into a service position. This gives you complete access to the underside of the deck without having to jack up the unit. The belt is disconnected before you rotate the deck so there is no risk of the blades engaging. I think this approach is better than any deck wash system. I love the ability to inspect the complete underside of the deck.

The main mower wheels do not run over the grass before you cut it, this makes for a more even cut. Cut quality was good and the mower was able to spread the clippings so that they didn’t clump. I was able to get close to obstacles better than any other mower I have used.  Being able to fully see the deck combined with the articulated steering gives you the ultimate control. There is no PTO or RIO switches. When you lower the deck it automatically engages making a very simple operation. The deck being out front lets you get under obstacles like bushes or in our case a kids slide. Not having to fuss with a RIO switch made the mower more efficient and simple to operate. The R 220T takes a little while to get used to, it is like nothing you have operated before. Once you do get used to it, it is hard to ever go back to a regular lawn tractor or zero turn. Husqvarana is a quality name in the outdoor power market and the R 220 T will be one of the last mowers you will ever buy.  For more information on the Husqvarna r 220T visit


  1. My dad had a bolens estate keeper which was an articulated tractor.
    Mower deck out front . Also had a grader blade and snow thrower.
    Believe it had a 10 hp wisconsin motor and a 3 speed manual trans.
    We used to beat the heck out of it as kids. Broke in half once at the articulation point.
    Dad was less than thrilled.

  2. Wow !,How Cool, I really like this one guys.
    Looks like it might take a minute to get used to, but I like the manouverability, and especially the ability to add a sweeper to it ( i’d love to be able to sweep up those leaves in the fall !)
    All that and a mower too ????????

  3. When it comes to riding mowers I always give thanks that I don’t have a yard big enough to need one. Cool looking mower though. What’s it do in the 1/4 mile?

  4. I have this mower r220t and i have to be truthful with you i love this mower its not like a zero trun it does a zero trun but it cuts a lot better when you trun the wheels are moving not one moving and one stop i have to zero trun but the r220t is the one i always use my wife says i should sale the to zero trun but i haven’t but i will i wish they still sold these but they dont can someone tell me y thanks


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