Kobalt 40 Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


So you thought Kobalt only made tools.  In fact, they have a line up of various lawn mowers.  Here we are covering the 40V double battery lawn mower.  When you buy this lawn mower you get a 4.0 ah and a 2 ah battery.  So if you are mowing and you run out of juice, you don’t need to wait around.  You can do a quick charge or better yet have one ready.  If you read the rest of our mowers from mower week, you might see a similarity in this mower and the Greenworks mower.  That is because they are made by the same company.

Now this didn’t win our top battery mower but it does have a lot to brag about.  The mower is plenty enough powerful for the average homeowner.  While I am not impressed by the quality of the handle, I am impressed by the power management system.  When you start the lawn mower up you can hear it really rev up.  While the mower is quiet, it will get even quieter in about 5 seconds.  You will be able to hear the mower power down.  In fact, we thought one of the batteries was low, but we were wrong.  As the mower needs power, it will rev back up to help cut the deeper grass.  This is a cool way to manage the batteries and make sure they get even longer run time for your mowing experience.  If you are looking for a battery operated mower and don’t mind waiting 60 minutes for a fully charged battery or mind a cheaper handle, this is a good buy.  As for the quality of the mower, it seems to be pretty good.  The twin blade system is pretty cool.  One thing to note, which I am sure I am wrong, I know this is advertised as a 20″ cut, but it doesn’t seem like you get a true 20″ cut. However when the grass starts growing in Chicago, we will surely find out.


What We Like

  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Doesn’t run full power when it’s not needed, Will ramp up when needed.
  • Two Battery System

What We Don’t Like

  • Handle Seems Cheap
  • No Side Discharge


Battery Voltage 40-volt max
Cut Width (Inches) 20.0
Transmission Type Push
Battery Type Lithium ion (Li-ion)
Removable Battery Yes
Height Adjustment Single-lever
Mulching Capability Yes
Number of Cutting Positions 6.0
Discharge Location Rear
Charge Time (Hours) 2.0
Front Wheel Size 7
Rear Wheel Size 10
Deck Material Poly
Bagger Included Yes
Handle Soft foam cushion grip handle with integrated safety switch, quick lock fold over handle for easy storage
Number of Batteries Included 2.0
Color/Finish Black and Kobalt blue
Rear Turf Wheels No
UL Safety Listing No
CSA Safety Listing Yes
ETL Safety Listing No
Series Name N/A
Lowe’s Exclusive Yes
Warranty 5-year



  1. Im still geeking out over all these cordless electric mowers! Really interested to see how well it does in tall grass.

  2. I get 38 minutes on the large battery and then the mower finishes the lawn on the smaller battery which takes about 10 more minutes. At this point the small battery still has about half its charge left according to the charge indicator. When I use the small battery first (whichever battery is on the left side gets used first) it lasts about 15 minutes and then the large battery easily finishes the job. I have used the Kobalt for four mowings so far and so far it’s still fun.

  3. Unless you cut your lawn every couple of days to keep it really short, don’t bother. The only way I could keep the mower running was to put the setting all the up to 6 and go really, really slow. At 6, it wasn’t even noticeable that I cut the grass. It was NOT that long. When I tried to go over the same spot on a lower setting (3) it immediately died. It does start right back up, but only if I changed the setting back up to 4 and again walked really, really slow. The batteries do seem to last a long time, but it also seemed to take twice as long as it should to mow the lawn-especially since the deck on the Kobalt mower I have is only 19 inches.

  4. Had the mower for just over 2 months, Will not start, batteries fully charged, Now the red lights on the mower under the battery cover both flash red when I push the start button and hold the handle. Returned the mower to Lowe’s and it was replaced.


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