Ryobi Garage Door Opener

Ryobi Garage Door Opener

A lot of companies claim to think outside the box, but Ryobi has taken it to the next level and truly thought outside the box.  Get this, Ryobi just announced their Garage Door Opener.  Seriously, how cool is this.  But wait that’s not all.  The Ryobi Garage Door Opener is modular which means it’s a lot more than your standard garage door opener.  This is a system that you can build upon.  You can add cool things like a radio, cord reel, a fan and more.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener

Ryobi Garage Door OpenerModel Number – GD200

Price – $238, exclusively sold at The Home Depot®

Warranty – 3 Years

Launch Date – April 2016


Now this is just news, so we haven’t gotten our hands on this yet.  However according to Ryobi, this is an ultra quiet garage door opener.  The Ryobi Garage Door Opener will harness a 2 HP motor to drive pretty much any size door up and down.  Besides the two HP motor, the unit will be extra quiet due to only a three piece construction and the belt being located on the inside channel, instead of the outside.  As you can see by the picture, it has a sizable LED on the bottom which is motion controlled and the user can even select the duration the light stays on.  For those of you who have Homelink, it will be compatible with that along with that it is Wi-Fi connectable.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to have the Homelink, the system will have a downloadable app that will allow you to do a ton of things with the door.  Besides the system being modular, you will also be able to plug your Ryobi 18V battery into the opener as a back up battery.  Don’t worry, the unit will charge the battery, so you will always have a charge.  Once the battery is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging the battery.  You can even control the different modules from the wall control.  The wall control will be multi-functional and wireless, so it sounds pretty easy to install. The unit will come with the Ryobi Garage Door Opener, a multi-functional wall control, wireless keypad, two remotes, safety sensor and a downloadable app to control and monitor your garage door remotely.  There is more to this opener, but once we get our hands on one, we can cover it in more detail.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Specifications:

  • Input: 120V, 60HZ, 85W
  • Horse Power: 2HP
  • Battery Backup: 18V ONE+
  • Light: LED

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Features:

  • Steel reinforced belt driver for longer life
  • Ultra-quiet drive system – 20% quieter than the leading garage door openers
  • Lithium-Ion battery backup ready with over 100 openings using a Ryobi 1+ P108 4ah battery (sold separately)
  • Easy to assemble 3-piece rail – less parts, less hassle
  • Control your door remotely with the Ryobi garage door opener app
  • Lifetime LED light to illuminate the darkest garages
  • Ryobi lifetime warranty on the motor and belt


This system is going to be very unique as you will be able to add different modules to this system.  Below are some of the modules you will be able to add.

Ryobi Garage Bluetooth Speaker Module

Ryobi Garage Door Speaker

Model Number – GDM120

Price – $54, The Home Depot®

Warranty –  3 Years

Launch Date – April 2016

How cool is it to have a bluetooth speaker hooked up to your opener?  No longer do you need to take up room with a radio hanging on your bench or somewhere else.  You will be able to stream music from about 30′ away from your device.  You will be able to even do hands free calling.  Now I am not sure how many watts or how good the speaker will be, but Ryobi seems to put out quality stuff, so I am guessing it will be a great speaker to have in your garage.

Ryobi Garage Bluetooth Speaker Features:

  • Integrated microphone allowing for hands free telephone calls
  • Easy pairing with LED indicator
  • Easy Installation, simply attach to your RYOBI garage door opener (model GD200)
  • Compatible with RYOBI garage door opener (model GD200)


Ryobi Laser Park Assist

Ryobi Laser Park Assist

Model Number – GDM222

Price – $44, The Home Depot

Warranty – 3 Years

Launch Date – April 2016

Cut down your tennis balls or whatever else you rigged up so you don’t slam into the wall or shelves.  Ryobi has you covered with their park assist module.  Two ultra-bright, class two lasers activate when your garage door opens to help assist you are parking the right distance from the wall or other items in your garage.

Ryobi Laser Park Assist Features:

  • Help prevent damage to your car and garage
  • Dual laser ideal for two car garage
  • Automatically activates when you open the garage door
  • Easy Installation, simply attach to your RYOBI garage door opener (model# GD200)


Ryobi Garage 16Ga 30ft. Retractable Cord Reel

Ryobi Cord Reel

Model Number – GDM330

Price – $64, The Home Depot

Warranty – 3 Years

Launch Date – April 2016

This seems like not only a cool module, but a practical module for the Ryobi Garage Door Opener system.  The cord will reach 30′ and has 3 outlets.  I have to say, I am extremely happy they have three outlets and not just a single outlet.  When you are done with your cord, the cord will retract back up into the unit.

Ryobi Garage 16Ga 30ft. Retractable Cord Reel Features:

  • 30 ft. Retractable cord
  • 3 Outlets with LED live-wire indicator
  • Adjustable auto-stop for varying height
  • Easy installation, simply attach to your RYOBI garage door opener (model# GD200)
  • Compatible with RYOBI garage door opener (model# GD200 containing GFCI protection and 10 Amp breakers against hazardous shock from damaged cords or exposure to water)


Ryobi Garage Door Opener Fan

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Fan

Model Number – GDM421

Price – $54, The Home Depot

Warranty – 3 Years

Launch Date – April 2016

I think the fan is a pretty cool idea, no pun intended.  It’s always nice to have some air movement in your garage.  If this fan is anything like the Ryobi fan we tested, this will be able to move some serious air around your garage.  The fan will have a dual pivot point, so you can pretty much cover any direction.

Ryobi Garage Door Opener Fan Features:

  • Dual pivot point for a variety of orientations
  • Adjustable speed setting for user preference
  • Easy Installation, simply attach to your Ryobi garage door opener (model# GD200)


Ryobi Garage CO Alarm

Ryobi Garage CO Alarm Module

Model Number – GDM920

Price – $58, The Home Depot

Warranty – 7 Years

Launch Date – July 2016

This is pretty much a must have.  This will allow you to monitor carbon monoxide, temperature and humidity all from your phone.  Don’t worry, if you don’t have a phone or don’t have it on you, the alarm will still activate if CO gets to a certain level.

Ryobi Garage CO Alarm Features

  • Monitor carbon monoxide, temperature and humidity from your phone
  • Loud 85 decibel alarm
  • Immediately test and silence alarm electronics from unit or your phone
  • Monitor temperature readings (-40°F – 150°F) and humidity readings (0%-100%) from your phone
  • Lithium AA batteries included for backup power
  • Easy installation, simply attach to your RYOBI garage door opener (model GD200)


Overall this seems like a great system and a huge addition to Ryobi’s already large line of tools.  I love the fact that this is way more than just a garage door opener, it’s an actual system.  The only thing that I don’t like about this Ryobi Garage Door Opener system is that I don’t have one.  However we are hoping to get one soon and we can report back to you about the operation.  You can learn more about this system at Ryobi Garage Door


  1. Ok now that is pretty cool I want one now 🙂 My only concern is how long Ryobi will keep up with the platform. Some of their tools can be short term one offs occasionally

    • I think this is one they will stick with. I think this will be a big hit especially being able to buy it at Home Depot. I am sure in the future they can come out with some more, cool modules.

  2. At first, I was thinking ok. But once I read the article and all of the accessories you can pair up with it I’m very interested in it. Nice idea and a good platform for something that otherwise never a gets a second thought.

  3. wow what a fantastic system! love all the add on’s especially the laser parking assist, that will be useful for the wife as she has just bought a new car! I will have to keep my eye out at our Home Depot, typically it takes a while for us up here to get the latest and greatest! Great write up Eric as always, lots of useful info and pictures! #TIACREW

  4. That is going in my garage! Genius modular addons. Just a awesome idea all around. I’m a 18v Ryobi guy so that makes it even better for me. Living in central Florida and having a lot of power outages, the 18v battery backup seals the deal. #tiacrew

  5. Very interesting. I can’t wait to read your review, or see your video once you get a unit and some modules to check out. Hopefully that will be soon.

  6. I actually like the sound of this system, some very clever design ideas.
    It’s one of those “Why hasn’t someone thought of this before” moments !,
    And all the various modules are all very affordable.
    Well done Ryobi, Well done.
    (Now where’s the DeWalt 20V Max version with the brushless motor ???)

  7. Wow Ryobi is really stepping up there game, I don’t like the green but would be interested in this opener, the easily replaceable battery back up is awesome!

  8. Wow now that is a cool garage door opener I like the battery backup feature now when is DeWalt and Milwaukee going to copy Ryobi and come out with one. #TIACREW

  9. Awesome idea. About time genuine creativity was brought to the garage. Can’t wait to own one and at least a couple of the accessories. Very good job, Ryobi

  10. well, I would be more than happy to rip out my 1 year old opener (new house) and do an install & review on this for your guys. I wouldn’t want you to have to move all those tools around to do the installation.

    Still wishing Ryobi would get with the program and ship the new 18v Chemical Sprayer to Home Depot (they only have 590 in their warehouse collecting dust). It’s only the greatest thing ever for a gardener, or chemical applicator to have come out recently.

  11. That…. is pretty cool! Seriously, That’s something entirely new for the garage, it’s something so versatile, I might just get it! Once my garage is in working order, or course. The thought of it being battery backup is pretty sweet as well, because when you operate a garage door by hand, you have to unlock it from the chain or belt, and to keep it closed, it has to latch back in, but that’s about impossible getting it back down when the chain doesn’t work because the power is out, and I can hear my wife complaining already LOL!!

  12. I am not a big fan of ryobi, because I have bad experience with there tools. You do have to take in consideration that I beat the crap out of a lot of my tools. But wow this is such a cool concept. I think it is a very cool but unnecessary, most of the things I buy are. It would save space. And save valuable outlets to, I never have enough outlets. I don’t think I will be installing this anytime soon because I just put in three lift masters on my garage doors.

  13. Wow! How did I miss this one… That is pretty sweet definitely game changer for ryobi, does it maintain the battery’ charge level? Laser park is pretty cool too, now they need to bundle this stuff together. #TIACREW

  14. I have one on order. 🙂 Home Depot says it will ship in 4/12 – should be here by 4/15. Looking at the manual, they have another accessory that is not announced yet: Security Camera….GDM610. I also talked to Ryobi Cust. Svc. and the app for it will be out about the same time as the CO Alarm because they are integrating the two and getting all the bugs out. Wonder if it will integrate with other home automation systems?


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