FLIR CM174 Imaging 600A AC/DC Clamp Meter

Flir thermal clamp meter

FLIR is a big time player in the test and measurement industry.  They are known especially for their innovative thermal imaging technology and are used worldwide in all sorts of critical applications.  They have put a new twist on the clamp meter.  They have added a thermal imaging sensor to it, called Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM).  What it does is allow the technician to pinpoint a problem by using thermal heat imaging.  Generally something that is warm or hotter than its surroundings can indicate an issue.   Instead of probing you can now see the problem real time and use the laser and cross hair to mark the problem area.  This image is a lot safer because you do not need to touch the work area.

Once you see an area that looks suspicious you can quickly verify your findings with amperage and voltage measurements. The jaws are narrow enough to fit into tight areas and cable runs.  Right below the jaws are two bright LED lights to light up your work area.  The meter has a full host of capabilities including True RMS, LoZ, VFD Mode, Inrush, and Smart Diode with Disable.  With the optional accessories you can expand the AC Amps up to 3000.  FLIR has an entire line of clamp meters without the imaging to meet anyone’s budget and needs.  FLIR backs this product with a full 10 year warranty.

Overall the quality of this product was good and it did exactly as advertised.  It runs off of 4 AA batteries.  Be sure to read the markings on the battery compartment when you turn the screw and avoid prying on it. It will easily open when unlocked.  Another thing we liked about the FLIR CM174 is that the screen was easy to read especially in low light conditions.  It is back lit and completely digital. Check it out via Amazon



  1. I don’t see why i would need one of these, i don’t do much work that requires something like this, but it does not change the fact that i want one. I really want a thermal imager, but i would not use it to often. there are things that i need to get that are needed more than this. I showed my electrician this tool and he is buying one. Tools in action keeps the crew up to date and shows us the newest coolest things. Tools in action also empty’s my wallet, lol. You guys make the job site easier for me and for other people, thank you.

  2. This thing is a sweet solution to a do it all. Definitely an awesome feature to have your clamp meter in your TIC. This could definitely consolidate your costs. #TIACREW


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