Decked Pickup Truck Storage Drawers – 2015 Ford F150


Pickup truck beds are a huge area to put just about anything.  The one thing they lack is the ability to organize anything.  You pretty much just have a wide open space.  There are many accessories that can help fill this void from tool boxes to swing out boxes.  A lot of these options take up width and length.  Let’s face it you are putting something in there, so of course it is going to take up space.  The Decked system takes up space on the bottom which still allows you to get wide objects like sheets of plywood into your truck with ease.  It basically adds 2 large drawers and 4 side ammo cans to your bed.

Decked accessory 2015 Ford F150

I first came across the Decked system a few years back on my 2011 Ford F150.  I was skeptical at first as I was concerned about taking up floor space in my truck.  That skepticism quickly passed and I started to reap the benefits of the system.  The good thing about a pick-up truck is you can always load up.  I had no issues not being able to load cargo that I loaded before I installed the system.  In fact, if you order the optional Core Trax you actually have more tie down points than your normal bed.



decked cargo trax

The Decked can hold up to 2000 lbs and each drawer can hold 200 lbs.  It is made of High Density Polyethylene and has a steel frame. It is tough stuff that resists chemicals, dents and cracks.  The more weight you add to the drawers the smoother they seem to open and close. Heavy duty ball bearing rubber wheels hold the weight.  It really has a quality feel to it.  The handles are metal and easily pull open no matter how much weight is in them.  You can also opt for some optional locks in case your tail gate doesn’t lock or you want the extra security.  Another option is drain hole plugs, you can use the drawers as coolers.  Smart idea huh?  Well they even include a bottle opener at the back.  So at the end of the day you can crack a cold one and enjoy the work you accomplished.

Decked accessory 2015 Ford F150Decked accessory 2015 Ford F150

The drawers are weatherproof not waterproof.  The Decked will keep your gear dry in the craziest of storms and even stay dry while at a car wash.  However it is not completely sealed and if you hit it from the back from a low angle you may get water in there.  The drawers need to breath to allow water to evaporate.  The 4 ammo cans however are not weatherproof, while they do a good job of holding the water back and have a lip to drain they still can get wet.  They are good for things like chains, chocks and items that can take the elements.  They can be flipped over and have 2 circles for holding drinks, great for tailgating.

Decked accessory 2015 Ford F150

On the back of the Decked is a metal plate that has some common conversions, drill sizes and a tape measure on it.  I have never used this, but it adds a nice touch.  For the 2015 Ford F150 the install is relatively easy, there is a bit of a tricky spot at the front where you need to line up holes with nuts that slide on a rail.  This did drive me crazy for a while as I am impatient, however when a cool head prevailed the job got done.  You can still access the pick up bed light switch.  Since this is my second Decked, I have had quite a long time to test it out.  It is very durable and strong, I have thrown heavy objects on it and it has taken the abuse.  One time I went through a car wash and one of my ammo cans was not down tight, it blew out.  I called Decked to buy a replacement and to my surprise they sent me one out for free.  They have great service and stand behind their product with a 3 year warranty.

Decked accessory 2015 Ford F150

So it really boils down to your needs.  If you need to put big items in your bed and have a cover the Decked is not for you.  Although you can use the Decked with a cover, you get roughly 7.5 to 8 inches of space.  If you need a cover and the Decked I suggest getting a truck cap or topper as they call them.  The Decked will fit in with spray in bed liner and adds a factory look.  Overall I can say that I am very happy with the Decked system, I still have the utility of a pick up truck and can also now store all my tools in the bed and not in my cab.  For more Visit




  1. I saw this and i love it. I would use it all the time and it would keep my truck more organized. I would love to have one in my truck, but it would be harder to load things in my truck. I also do not like that it is not completely waterproof. If i had a top on the back of my truck i would get one, but I don’t so i am not getting one. But i would like one.

  2. That just screams quality, I love the smoothness of the drawers, especially when it’s under weight. This really helps you with a great storage solution for a pick up truck.


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