Ryobi Drill Press

Ryobi Drill Press

This was a tool that I have long been wanting to get.  However I don’t use it on a daily basis and really don’t have room in my shop for one.  So after a ton of emails from the crew and wanting one, we decided to try one out.  We went with the Ryobi Drill Press for a couple of reasons.  First, this is a table top drill press, the price point is low being only $130 and seemed like a good homeowner option.  Speaking of homeowner option, if you are really into woodworking and will be using a drill press a ton, this is probably not the best option for you as it is like their band saw.  While it’s great for the homeowner, it just won’t make any professional woodworker happy.

Ryobi Drill PressThis drill press is a 10″ table top drill press that has a 1/4 hp, 3 amp motor.  The unit offers 5 speed and is pretty easy to change at the top of the unit.  The motor will produce a no load rpm of 620-3,100, so you do have a pretty big speed span for a variety of different applications.  The table is metal and a little on the small side, but again it’s a table top unit.  The table will swivel 360° and also will tilt 45°.  One thing I really like about this drill press is the LED and laser light.  Both do a great job in helping light up your work and showing exactly where the drill bit will enter your wood/metal.  In regards to the chuck, you do need a key which stores on the tool, however mine broke.  So as you would expect, I wish they designed the holder out of metal, instead of plastic.  The drill press comes with a 3 year warranty, so you can be assured protection from defects.  The whole unit weighs 62 lbs, so while it’s a table top unit, it does take a little to move it around in case you don’t always want it sitting on your bench.  The good news is because of the weight, it shouldn’t be moving around when you are using the drill.

Now that you know a little bit about the specs of the Ryobi drill press, now let’s talk about the practical use of the system.  Again, this is really designed for the homeowner.  If you will be using this day in and day out, it is not the best option.  If you are a homeowner looking for a drill press for occasional uses and don’t want to break your bank, this is a great option.  While the quality isn’t bad, you have to remember this is a $130 tool.  For me, I can easily see building a book case or something that does require accurate holes.  While it may take a little more finesse to set up and use, I don’t mind since I am not spending a ton of money on this unit.  Again as a homeowner, it’s a great way to get into a drill press that doesn’t cost a ton.



  1. Kato has one if these and likes it, just limited by its 2″ depth, you think they could stretch 4-5″ but for the price not bad. ChrisK just picked up a Rikon around that price I think he said drills 8″? Something like that, but this is a nice small press.


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