Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench

Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench

By now I am sure you have heard of the Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench.  If not, here is a quick run down.  Milwaukee One-Key turns your tools into a smart tool.  As a user you can use an app on your phone to make key changes to your tool.  So say you don’t need all the torque and want more speed, just open the app, make a quick change to the settings to increase speed, hit the save button and you’re good to go.  Yes, it’s really that simple.  When manufacturers design tools, they have to take so much into account.  They have to look at the whole tool market and see what is the primary application of the tool and how it will be used.  They then have to design the tool around that application and just hope the secondary markets will still get a benefit from the tool.  As an example let’s use the impact wrench.  The more you increase the torque of the tool, the slower rpm’s you get from the tool.  So a manufacturer has to really balance this all out.  As a user, you might be using it in low torque environments. So as a user, you are out of luck because the tool is designed for high torque applications.  Well that is where the One-Key comes in to play.  Gone are the days of the manufacturers telling you how to use the tools.  You can customize it the way you want.

I am not going to go into a full blown review of these tools because they are pretty much the same as the Fuel Impact Wrench counter part, except the One-Key offers the customization option.  I am really writing this article to inform you Milwaukee now has the Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrenches available for purchase.  Milwaukee first started out with the drill/ driver, crimper and the impact drivers.  Not only can you customize the tool, but you can track them and also figure out workload for certain tools.  So now they have moved this technology to their impact wrenches.  Now I am not saying this technology is for everyone, but there are those people who will jump for joy.  What I really like about the One-Key system is the technology is in the tool and not just the battery.  Dewalt looks to be going this way also, but their technology lays in the battery.  Dewalt has a Bluetooth battery. I am still trying to figure out where this will fit into the whole tool world.

Milwaukee One-Key Impact Wrench Models

  • M18 Fuel 3/8″ Compact Impact Wrench w/ Friction Ring 2758-22
  • M18 Fuel 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench w/ Pin Detent 2759-22
  • M18 Fuel 1/2″ Compact Impact Wrench w/ Friction Ring 2759B-22


  1. I have a 3/8″ no key and what a tool it is, the addition of one key can only make this little beast better. #TIACREW

  2. I got the 1/4 key-less chuck impact from Milwaukee when I wrote them a letter for a class. And I love it, so cool. Just wish you could modify torque more accurately. Like not just every 180 in/lbs but set it exactly. Overall a great tool! #TIACREW

  3. Thanks for the information guys! I had the 12 volt Milwaukee tools but wasn’t sure if I was gonna invest in their 18 volt lineup. You guys are staring to convince me it’s worth the investment.


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