Milwaukee Infrared Temp Gun Giveaway

Milwaukee Infrared Temp Gun

Want to win a Milwaukee Infrared Temp Gun?  Sure, who doesn’t.  Well if you have been following us for a while, you know we love to give stuff away.  You could be the lucky winner of this awesome tool.  The model number to this Temp-Gun is 2268-20 and it’s a 12:1 distance to spot ratio.  So how do you enter?  Easy, just leave a comment somewhere on our website.  No, not on this post, but any post.  On July 1, 2016 we will announce one lucky winner to win this great tool.


  1. Good idea guys, I have a little cheaper model than this already, so I’ll pass on this, or pass this onto someone else if chosen. #tiacrew
    The temp gun doesn’t like the cold, mine takes awhile to warm up to read correctly. Use it only boilers and HVAC equipment.

  2. You guys rock, nice giveaway, I love my Milwaukee temp gun, I have the one from toolnut, great temp gun. Good luck crew! #TIACREW

  3. Cool giveaway!! I never had a temp gun, but I am sure it can be handy specially when checking the car (radiator) temp for when the thermostat should open…….

  4. I like this thing, comes in handy. I took it to my autos class because one of our tasks was to use one of these and my classmates liked this more than the one the school had haha.

  5. I recently started watching your videos on YouTube, love the channel. I just started doing some handyman work on the side, haven’t worked in this field in a long time. Your info has helped me alot, keep up the great work.

  6. Hey guys huge fan of the YouTube channel and huge fan of Milwaukee tools, just got Out of the hvac pre apprenticeship and into an apprenticeship, would be awesome to add this temp gun into my tool box thanks for the consideration.

  7. i could sure use one of those! you know, if you guys wanna send one my way it would be awesome cause less money spent on tools means more beer money.

  8. This would be great since I’m always worried about the wiring in my apartment. I could look for hot spots n stop being paranoid. Lol

  9. This would be great to bring on my next desert deployment, just to see what our equipment’s temps are. Heck I may even do a video to show everyone what were actually working with.

  10. I need that thing. Guys I am a Canadian but don’t hold that against me, I will even pay for shipping and send you a case of strong Canadian Beer. If that is not kiss ass enough for you then it looks like I am out of luck.

  11. this temp gun looks like a standard Milwaukee product–dependable and built well. I have been using Milwaukee tools for as long as I can remember. they no longer make pneumatic impact hammers, but I still use my 3/4″ drive that I bought many years ago. it still outperforms many of the more popular current brands like snapon and mac. I also purchased the 75th anniversary 1/2″ electric drill, which is the best drill in the company. everyone wants to borrow it, but im too happy with it to let someone else use it. I would love to add this temp gun to my tool stable and continue the tradition of jealousy amongst my fellow technicians!

  12. have seen this temp gun in action a really useful item would love to have one of my own thanks for the chance to win

  13. If this temp. gun is as good as my new multi tool, it will be great. Last month I got a multi tool for a job . The carpenter asked to use it to becuse hit DeWalt multi tool was left at home . He liked the milwaukee multi tool better than his DeWalt He was going to sell His DeWalt to his brother and by a new m18 Milwaukee multi tool


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