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Rolair Buddy 1 Gallon Oil-Less Air Compressor

We always yap about how great the Rolair JC10 is.  But now there is a new Rolair that we can gloat about, the AB5 Buddy.  The half horsepower compressor only draws a measly 4.6 amps.  It delivers 1.4 cfm, 125 psi and weighs 25lbs.  This compressor is perfect for anyone needing a small lightweight compressor.  Best of all it is really quiet!

The unit includes : Start/Stop Pressure Switch, Roll-Cage Design to Protect Pump/Motor, Safety Relief Valve, Intake Filter, Ball Valve Drain Cock, 4.6 Amp Motor, Pressure-Relief Valve, Air Line Regulator and Pressure Gauge, 1/4″ Universal Coupler.

Check out the Rolair Buddy via Amazon.

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