Bosch Induction Charging – German Innovation


When Bosch first showed us the inductive charging system I have to say I wasn’t blown away.  However the more I thought about it the more It made sense.  This system maximizes tool efficiency.  Whenever a tradesman puts the tool down all he has to do is put it on the charger and it charges.  Think about it, you usually have to slide off the pack and slide it into a charger.  Now you just set the tool down and it charges, ingenious.  I want all my tools to be this way.  Other charging systems seem so obsolete now.

Currently available are 18V 2.0 slim packs that charge in roughly 50 minutes, which is the same as their existing batteries. 4.0 fat packs will be available in the spring of 2015. You cannot use previous batteries with this charging system however the new batteries can be charged via old chargers.  The system is smart, nothing will activate but a wireless Bosch battery pack.  As you can see in the video below the holster is an awesome idea.  Mount it to your work cart or van and whenever you stow the tool it charges.  Bosch really did some research on this subject.  The system works flawless in our tests.  The convenience factor is huge.  For production line work you could probably use the same battery all day. When you rest the tool just put it on the inductive charger and it is getting juice.  Check out more about the new wireless charging from Bosch.


Bosch Wireless




  • WCBAT612 – 2.0 Slim Pack
  • WC18C – Wireless Charger
  • WC18F – Frame for charger
  • WC18H – Mobile Holster



  1. I love Bosch tools and this looks cool but quite a stretch calling it “wireless” charging since you still have to plug it in.

  2. Great review, thanks for all the great information (as usual)! Very intriguing and would be extremely handy to be able to always set the drill back on the charger and keep it topped off. But here’s my question, does it really charge as fast as a normal charger? Clearly magnetic induction cannot carry current as efficiently as wires going through contacts on the battery. I’ve had three phones with induction charging stations. I used a charging management app to observe the actual battery charging current, and noted that the direct plug-in USB cable charged at well over double the rate of the induction charger. Why not just have contacts on the bottom of the battery and in the base “docking” station, instead of the extra size and weight of the magnetic coils added to the battery?

  3. Hardly wireless…that’s like saying I have wireless internet but only if my device is touching the router. I do like that you can charge with the battery on the tool though. That would be a lot more efficient when grabbing tools.

  4. The inductive charging is cool now doubt, but almost every tool company now has a multibay charger now. Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita have one, Milwaukee is coming out with that new 6 pack multi charger that does m12 and m18 batteries and has very fast charge times. This has place but I think its more for people that work in a shop, do network/catv installs, or punch list items. I also building maintenance could also fit in as jobs where this setup would excel.

  5. Really this is innovation? LOL! Lame is what it is. And secondly, enough wireless garbage already, it’s not good for our bodies. All this crap going through our heads. Lazy people just stop complaining and get to work. But this isn’t even wireless, it’s just lame. Instead of taking the battery off you stand it on a pod. How dumb!

  6. very cool I wonder how it will perform in the long run but only time will tell….another thing is doesnt this look like something Robocop would b carrying lol!

  7. When I saw this charging port, I really wish I had a Bosch drill. This thing is so cool, I don’t think I would have a dead battery as often because I would know to put it down in its port. Putting it in the port also will keep it off of your working space leaving you with more room. I love Bosch tools. This also leaves with knowing where your drill is when you put it down because you always put it in the same spot.


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