Ridgid Vacuum Review

Ridgid Vacuum Review

Vacuums are one of the tools that are for the masses.  Doesn’t matter if you are a homeowner or professional.  Nor does it matter if you are cleaning up liquids or dry debris.  You can use them from anything from cleaning out your car to cleaning a whole job site, you can even use them for dust management with saws. One name that comes to mind when you talk about drum style vacuums is Ridgid.  Ridgid has been around for a while and built a name in the vacuum industry.  So let’s jump into the Ridgid vacuum review and check out the latest from Ridgid, the NXT.

Ridgid Vacuum Review Overview

Ridgid is probably one of the most popular drum style vacuums on the market and for good reason.  First, they always receive high praise from users.  Their suction is always at the top, they last for a long time, they have great casters that don’t get stuck on small debris and tip over and best of all, they are affordable. Second, you can find them at your local Home Depot Store, which means access to a wide range of sizes and prices.

I recently finished up a remodeling project on my house and one of my most used tools was a vacuum.  The two I used primarily was a Dewalt and a couple different Ridgid vacuums.  As you would expect, they come in very handy for big jobs.

Ridgid Vacuum Review Features

Ridgid Vacuum Review

The Ridgid, model HD1400 is a 14 gallon 6.0-Peak HP that will allow you to pick up wet or dry waste. As with other Ridgid tools, this offers a lifetime warranty but make sure you complete and send in your warranty registration.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

One of the best features is the hose.  While it is a 2-1/2″ 7′ hose, the idea that it locks into place is great and eliminates frustration with hoses and attachments falling off while using.

Not only does the hose lock into the vacuum, but the wands and all the accessories lock into place.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

The vacuum comes with two wands, a crevice tool, a wet pick up and a dry floor pick up tool.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

On the side of the vacuum, just above the casters, you can store the accessories.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

On the top of the vacuum, there is a handle to carry it up and down stairs or in and out of your truck.  The handle also acts as a power cord management system so you can store the power cord when not in use.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

The on/off button is located on the top of the vacuum which makes it easy to access, plus it is large so you are not trying to fiddle with it when operating the vacuum.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

Ridgid includes a filter that can not only be used for your everyday cleaning but for fine dust.  The filter captures 99.5% of all dust particles which means you can use this for drywall, fireplace ash and more.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

The vacuum has a 20′ power cord which means you can get more distance without having to use an extension cord.

Ridgid Vacuum Review Performance

Ridgid Vacuum Review

I have to say that the Ridgid, by far, was the most powerful vacuum I used on my house project.  While the Dewalt was awesome and the other Ridgids were great, this vacuum just had plenty of power to pick up items such as nuts, bolts, nails, plaster and more.  When I put on the crevice tool, this was great for cleaning out tight spots that some of the other vacuums wouldn’t get.

Besides power, I loved the long power cord, the ease of wheeling it around and the lightweight of carrying it up and down the stairs.  While I do wish the hose was about three feet longer, it’s not bad.

Ridgid Vacuum Review

While I love everything about this vacuum, the one thing I wish it had was a bag system.  OK, the Ridgid does have a bag system (A – VF3502) but I wish they included a single bag to get you started.  The Dewalt uses a bag inside its vacuum so the filter never gets clogged and never loses suction.  With this vacuum, I found a lot of times that the filter would get clogged and lose suction so I would be cleaning it out often.  One example was when I was vacuuming up blown insulation.  Most of the insulation would stick to the filter.

While I feel like a bag does reduce suction, it’s worth it for having longer runtimes between cleaning out the drum and filter.

Ridgid Vacuum Review Value

The Ridgid NXT retails for about $100 at The Home Depot.  Ridgid has always been one of my favorite vacuums for the power and the quality.  So considering my past experience with the quality of the vacuums, a $100 price tag is a great value.

Yes, you can buy other vacuums for about the same price, but I don’t think the suction or quality is as good as the Ridgid.

Ridgid Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

All in all, it’s a great vacuum.  The suction and quality stand out.  While the vacuum does roll nicely and will roll over the cord without it falling over, a little longer hose would have been nice so it’s not right behind you all the time when you are vacuuming up messes.  Also, it would be great to see a bag included along with an air defuser so dust and other stuff isn’t flying around in the air.  For a $100 it’s hard not to put this on your list of products to buy in 2019.


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