Husky Tool Tote Review

Husky Tool Tote Review

If you have visited a Home Depot, then I am sure you are familiar with the brand name Husky.  Husky is a brand that is exclusive to The Home Depot.  Also, if you haven’t used any Husky products in the past couple of years, I would suggest giving them a shot.  Over the last couple of years, I feel Husky has made some big changes with their quality.  While I feel the quality has increased, I feel the prices are still affordable.  So now that I am talking quality and giving Husky a look, let’s talk about the Husky Tool Tote review.

Husky Tool Tote Review Overview

So before we go further, I have to admit that I am a little confused with Husky.  As I said their quality has definitely increased but not their prices.  So my question is are they selling to the homeowner or the professional, or maybe both. The reason I bring this up is that every time we review a Husky tool, we always get questions if they are geared towards the homeowner or professional.

The best way I can describe Husky is comparing them to Ryobi.  These two companies don’t really compete against each other as Ryobi is big into power tools and cordless tools, while Husky is more for hand tools.  Ryobi is designed for the homeowner with quality and professional features are their cornerstone, while still being affordable.  I am assuming husky is positioning themselves the same way.  Great quality with affordable prices.

In the end, not sure if it really matters as long as the consumer ends up buying a quality product and still has money left in their wallet.

Husky Tool Tote Review Features

Husky Tool Tote Review

The Husky Tote is a 14″ rolling tote that also comes with a 12″ tool bag. The tote can hold up to 80 lbs.

The tote features a telescoping handle that uses a push button to extend and retract.

Husky Tool Tote Review

On the bottom of the tote, there are two wheels, like an airport suitcase that allows you to roll the tote around the job site.

Husky Tool Tote Review

Also featured on the back side of the tote, where the handle folds into, is a hard plastic protector which can help aid in rolling over curbs and other taller obstacles.

Husky Tool Tote Review

The zippers are large and can easily be opened and closed with work gloves on.

Husky Tool Tote Review

The tote uses a single stitch and is 600-denier water-resistant material.

Both the tote and bag offer outside storage for those items you want to access quickly, while the inside does have storage pockets but also a larger area for bigger tools such as drills.

Husky Tool Tote Review Performance

Husky Tool Tote Review

Husky did a great job with these bags as they are priced right, offer lots of ways to keep your hand tools organized and the stitching and material are designed to last.

Husky Tool Tote Review

While I do wish the wheels were a little bigger, the tote rolls nicely and will roll over extension cords and other debris you will find on job sites.  I like how easy this tote is to open and close with the larger zippers.

Husky Tool Tote Review Value

The Husky rolling tote and tool bag retail for about $50 at The Home Depot.  For $50, I think this is a fair price.  The bags offer a lot of storage, plus I like how you can put the bag on top of the tote and roll it around.  The quality of the bags is what you would expect from premium bags but without the price tag.

Husky Tool Tote Review Final Thoughts

Overall for $50 it’s a great buy.  There is a lot of storage on the outside for those quick tools you access all the time and plenty of inside storage for the organization and larger power tools.  While it would be nice to see a little larger wheels on the tote, it does a decent job rolling over extension cords and other items you would find on job sites. All said and done, the quality and design of the bags make this a good buy.


  1. I’ve had the 18” version for about 6 months now. I like it a lot for home job sites. This is not for the exterior job site, as noted the wheels are much too small. The organization is great, has a lot of pockets which I like. The quality is fair but my handle doesn’t lock properly anymore and some of the rubber feet on the bottom have come off of mine. I abuse mine however.


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